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NHS Demands Retired Doctors Returning Have “Diversity Training” Before Giving Vaccine

The memo saying that this is all a load of bollocks not reaching the National Covid Service yet

Recently retired doctors are being prevented from helping administer COVID-19 vaccines because the NHS requires them to have “diversity training” and knowledge of “radicalisation”

reports the Telegraph.

40,000 doctors and nurses applied to return to the NHS back in March at the start of the pandemic but only 5,000 had been given jobs by July, according to the report.

Similar bureaucracy is also hampering the vaccine rollout, with doctors having to fulfil the requirements of the Equality Act. The applicants may well still have a licence to practice medicine but that doesn't matter to the NHS, in order for the doctors to administer the vaccine they will need to provide 20 pieces of evidence, none of which are anything to do with medicine, including documents on Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, Fire Safety, Conflict Resolution, and Preventing Radicalisation.

“Reached this page on my application and have given up for now. Can’t see many retired clinicians wading through this lot – or having all required docs,” said Professor Maureen Baker.

Whilst Professor Nicola Thomas had much the same response. “Yes I’m going through this today….now on my 7th hour of CPD! Not even at ‘pre-employment screening’ yet. Suspect many will have given up by now,”

NHS Professionals responded by saying: "Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate the time taken to join the National Vac Programme. We have a stringent recruitment process in place in order to recruit a wide array of individuals from a variety of backgrounds – many of whom are not registered healthcare professionals"

We have previously reported on how the NHS is obsessed with diversity training and its real itensions. Not being able to wave these rules in the middle of a supposed pandemic either means they don't really believe there is one, or they are so bogged down with Marxist dogma that they are willing to put patient's safety after their own ideology.

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