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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training - Ideology Masquerading as Health and Safety.

Every two years, all staff in public sector organisations have to sit a two hour ‘exam’ to prove they are not a sexist, racist homophobe. This exam has been slipped in, under the radar, embedded in a list of ‘mandatory training’ with health and safety, fire awareness and manual handling courses. These are all procedure based, whilst the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training is an ideology designed to condition the subject. It nestles in the middle of them like a huge dog-egg on a perfectly mowed lawn.

Unlike the other courses, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training is not about health and safety, nor does it help staff with doing their job more effectively (unless that job is the Equality and Diversity officer of course). And, contrary to popular belief, is not really about explaining the 2010 Equality Act itself, it is promoting an ideology concentrating entirely on LGBTQ+ and Ethnic minorities. The other parts of that act, such as age, Marriage Status and Disability either hardly get a mention, or no mention at all.

Proponents of the training point to it only being a two hour test once every two years and how it is designed to help protect minorities who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice. But it is not about the time, or even the subject matter, that is the issue, it is the thinking and the very agenda that lays behind it that is so problematic.

The whole concept of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion starts with the premise that everyone is a Racist, Sexist Homophobe. Then, to ‘cure’ that inherent problem in your workforce employees must regularly prove they are no longer such things by sitting an exam that quizzes them on their knowledge of LGBTQ and Black Histories. This concept stems from the unprovable theory of ‘unconscious bias’. A theory that Author and Journalist Ben Shapiro calls ‘ghost hunting’. The concept came from Social-Science Academics in the US and quickly gained traction with those here who liked the idea of something that everyone could be accused of, without needing any proof. Subsequent Sociological studies have failed to prove it even exists, but still the myth continued. Couple this with a victimhood mentality of so many and the idea that certain religions can’t be questioned, together with certain sexual orientation groups having oft narcissistic tendencies, and you have the basis for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ideology right there. It subtly, and deliberately accuses an entire white race of bias. Workers at the NHS who fail the test more than twice are sent back to HR for ‘reprogramming’. And it is not a straightforward multiple-choice set of questions either, some answers you simply wouldn’t know unless you had read-up on in some depth. Questions such as ‘Who was the first black MP in the United Kingdom?’ are not for the casual observer and you can’t pick a name from a list, you have to know this fact off-by-heart. This is all done against the clock to make sure you can’t just look-up the information on your phone. The entire process is designed to force you into learning about certain minorities.

Is knowing such things going to stop a racist being one? Of course not. And this would only be ‘equality’ if there were also a test on White history (and not the negative narrative we get from the left) together with heterosexuality and Christianity. The UK is a secular society, meaning that no religion should receive special treatment. Likewise LGBTQ and BAME workers have exactly the same legal rights as everyone else, and if you have to point to ‘ghosts’ as evidence to the contrary then there is something wrong.

A series of obscure and badly conceived questions are designed to make the test-sitter prove they know about gay rights and black history. Having this knowledge, will make you a better and more tolerant person, although this doesn’t absolve you of the patriarchy; white privilege; the evils of the Empire (British, not Galactic) ; being the same colour as someone who owned some slaves 200 years ago, as these are still very much stains on your race, if you subscribe to the doctrine.

This is all kinds of wrong. Firstly, most people are indifferent to LGBTQ and Black history. This does not mean they are 'anti' either groups, just that they have no real burning desire to learn about them any more than learning about Goths, Wiccans or the plight of the Chinese. Starting from a point that assumes everyone is guilty until proven innocent turns on its head the entire legal system of this country. But here in the Woke world of Equality And Diversity we have to constantly reassure certain groups that we don’t secretly despise them because of how much pigmentation they have or what's between their legs. It may come as something of a shock to the LGTBQ community that it is only they that are obsessed with [their] genitalia and what they do with it, most people really don’t much care.

We will only get equality when we have a straight history month, when we have flags flying on council buildings with heterosexual signs, when we can have a white history month without all the evils of the world being attributed to it, and when we are free to criticise Allah in the same way that we are Jesus. If not, if we can’t have a level playing field then this is not equality, it is promoting a particular ideology.

There are no laws, rules or procedures in any UK organisation that is discriminatory to Gays, Trans, Women, BAME or Muslims and there hasn't been for many decades. And so to push the agenda proponents of the Equality and Diversity Programme refer to things that can’t be seen or disproved. They refer to things that are ‘unconscious’ and ‘systemic’, these are pseudo-intellectual words for ‘not real’. You can’t be guilty of something you have in your subconscious. and how do they know what is in your subconscious? Especially when YOU don't even know. We don't convict someone for attempted murder because they once ate cheese late at night and dreamed of killing their boss.

Ironically, most government organisations like the NHS are staffed by left-wing employees so these types of propaganda courses are preaching to the converted. However, more worrying is this type of nonsense has now infested HR departments in the private sector too. With it has sprung up a billion dollar industry of consultants who will come in to your workplace (for a huge fee) and regurgitate this ideology. Most of them don’t even realise they're, in fact, just spreading leftist propaganda, or more likely just don’t care as long as there is money in it, and there IS money in it, lots and lots of it.

Vision News - 2020

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