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Masks Back in Schools as FLU Now Part of Governments Winter Contingency Plan

SAGE continue to target children, the healthiest group in society.

Children will be made to wear face masks for up to 8 hours a day if Flu cases join Covid over the winter term according to a leaked report from Whitehall. Children are again to be the soul focus of the Government's campaign to medicate the population with an experimental drug.

The Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, has approved the plan which sees the return of face masks in schools only months after they were abandoned, but this time Seasonal Flu will be the excuse used to muzzle children.

Quietly during the summer SAGE raised the level of Flu to the same as Covid, the simple trick enabling the implementation of more communist style laws using the weakest of reasons. The plan differs from last year when bubbles were employed for maximum disruption which saw hundreds of children treated as if they were sick from one child's positive test result. Now the focus is entirely on vaccines, with children being unable to have a flu shot without also receiving the Covid RNA drug with it. (you see what they did their?)

Nadhim Zahawi told Sky News “My priority is to protect education and keep schools open,” going on to say “We have got a contingency plan as you would expect me to… it contains wearing masks, absolutely.” as he continued the government's lies.

The mandatory wearing of face masks in schools and colleges was scrapped in May, But SAGE pushed for them to be brought back, with a mixture of fake science, lobbying and blatant propaganda.

Masks have not been proven to reduce infections in the population, whilst children do not suffer from Covid but rather the Government continue to use them as a visual tool to 'remind' us that there's a killer virus on the loose. If we hadn't got masks or government propaganda telling us there was we literally wouldn't know there was a pandemic at all.

The obsession with children will also see Covid vaccinations right down to 6 months old as Pfizer, the very vaccine that is most deadly for children, is shortly to be granted an 'emergency' licence by the MHRA following one being granted in the US.

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