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Government Advisors Secretly Elevate Flu to Same Status as Covid-19

Covid-19 + Seasonal Flu = Lockdowns.

Plans are secretly made for yet another 'pandemic' in just 12 weeks time. As Government advisors in SAGE have seen their power return to the people, a project has begun to create yet another 'crisis' as the excuse for more diktats, power-grabs, and accumulation of wealth.

Even before restrictions had ended SAGE were looking around for another likely candidate to create panic over. Likely candidates remained scarce but one that already a history that SAGE could co-opt into using was Seasonal Flu and it was decided, in a secret SAGE meeting last month that Flu would be used as the basis for a second Scamdemic.

Whilst we have been distracted by football, olympics and Afghanistan, health officials have reclassified seasonal flu to the same threat-level as Covid-19. The plan will revolve around a mysterious re-emergence of Seasonal Flu together with a fourth wave of Covid-19, creating what they think is a 'perfect storm' and an ideal excuse to implement more Lockdowns, mask wearing, a fourth vaccine and associated passports.

The SAGE plan will feature an 'unprecedented resurgence of influenza A' which, they will claim, is due to Covid-19 being the predominant respiratory virus in 2020 (as if the two viruses had some sort of gentleman's agreement that only one would attack last year). Seasonal flu completely disappeared in 2020 according to Public Health, not a single case of the disease was recorded anywhere in the entire country and this, they will say, means that it will 'come back stronger' this winter. But they cannot simply say Flu is now a threat as all of the 'emergency powers' they were given were for Covid-19, so SAGE will continue to push the Covid lie so they can use those powers whenever they feel like it.

Covid-19 + Seasonal Flu = Lockdowns.

PCR tests, were quietly changed in April and now tests for Covid and Seasonal Flu. The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) issued a "Lab Alert", with the new guidance stating; "clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test". CDC also state that the choice of FDA approved assay should be combined to include influenza. The UK has followed suit as they gear up to find more cases of both diseases. Throwing the net even wider will inevitably find more cases, and there will be daily reports of Covid AND Flu cases broadcast in the media to ram home the 'crisis'. Seek and ye shall find.

SAGE will claim; the 're-emergence' of Influenza combined with a fourth wave of COVID-19 will mean that the NHS is likely to be 'overwhelmed' again, and that to save it we will all need to be locked away.

Chris Wormald, a top civil servant at the Department of Health, said that he is 'confident health secretary Sajid Javid can be convinced of the need for the plan despite his more hawkish position on lockdown restrictions'.

Lecturer Dr. David Thunder Ph.D warns that governments have now set the precedent for draconian lockdown measures to be re-introduced at the drop of a hat every time there is a harsh flu season saying "make no mistake about it, this nightmare will not be over until citizens push back and say enough is enough.” “Governments are now armed with a powerful excuse to suspend citizens’ civil liberties whenever there’s a winter resurgence in respiratory viruses.” adding “A harsh flu season will be enough to set in motion the wheels of tyranny – threatening people’s jobs, businesses, mental and physical health, freedom of movement, and freedom of association,” added Thunder, asserting that the only way to end this is to resist and refuse to comply with lockdown mandates. Concluding “This is not over until we say it is,”

“A harsh flu season will be enough to set in motion the wheels of tyranny"

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