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CDC Issue 'Lab Alert' on PCR Tests

It can't tell the difference between Covid and Flu.

The Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) that was granted in the US to allow laboratories to implement use of a largely experimental CDC SARS-CoV-2 test in Feb 2020 is being withdrawn due to its lack of ability to differentiate between Covid and Flu.

Major concerns have been widely reported over the accuracy of the PCR COVID test as performed by government contract laboratories including the UK Lighthouse laboratories that were rushed out in 2020. In the UK, senior public health laboratory staff have expressed their dismay at the lack of quality in the new Lighthouse laboratories, and similar sentiment has been expressed in the US. The lack of quality was even reported by the BBC as chaotic and dangerous. But, in actuality the test was never meant to be used in the way it has been. It's inventor, Kary Mullis is on record as saying that interpretation of the results was at fault, whilst viral experts such as Mike Yeadon have pointed out that the cells it looks for are approximately 80% the same as the Flu and so cannot be relied upon.

Scientists around the world have repeatedly said that The scientific flaws in the methodology and at the molecular level have all been previously documented. As reported in 'The test that caused a pandemic?' "a large number of false positive results are generated by this test, even under controlled laboratory conditions, making it completely unsuitable as a reliable virus screening method" - which is exactly what the inventor said.

The reason why accurate testing is important is because this diagnostic text has underpin the entire pandemic. For the CDC to turn around now and say that it was wrong to use it, and that all of its results are absolutely meaningless would be an admission of incompetence, or guilt. But the so called 'fact checkers' fail to acknowledge that either of these could be an explanation, preferring to call all contrary evidence 'fake news'. There are medical implications for the patient here too, so those shouting 'conspiracy theory' right about now may way to sit up and take notice. Because if the diagnosis is not right, then the treatment won't be either. Many clinicians both in the UK and US have raised serious doubts whether patients needed to be placed on ventilators during the height of the hysteria. It was the rushed clinical-pathway that 'Covid' patients were often placed on, solely because they had tested positive with a PCR test. But those clinicians have been silenced, in one way or another.

It possibly comes then as no surprise that the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) that was granted in the US to allow laboratories to use the SARS-CoV-2 test starting back in Feb 2020 is being withdrawn. The only surprise is perhaps that the decision has taken so long.

The US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have issued a "Lab Alert", and the new guidance states; "clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test". CDC also state that the choice of FDA approved assay should be combined to include influenza.

Despite petitions requesting the CDC to release the 'false positive rate' (FPR) data, this information has never released. But, were the rate acceptable be sure that it would have been released. Hiding the data appears to confirm that the CDC know that the false positive rate is through the roof, meaning all the results are useless. Without the FPR information ALL other results are pretty meaningless, something the CDC cannot afford to admit, under any circumstances. We're not about to have an amnesty for corrupt or incompetent scientists so they are going to have to continue covering up, misdirecting and claiming black is white.

In the context of screening high numbers of people, the FPR becomes a huge factor. For example even if the test is, say, 99% accurate and you test 1M people, the FPR alone will cause 10,000 positives, which will be reported as "cases". Sound familiar? For months last year when death-rates were low the entire 'pandemic' was about 'cases'. In reality, this was a pseudo-pandemic and the entire farce should have been called a halt to.

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