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Lockdown Zealot Now Says Official COVID Figures are “Fishy” Because They’re Falling

Who's the conspiracy theory now?

Lockdown zealots who have repeatedly cited rising infection rates as a reason to maintain restrictions are now saying that those same figures are “fishy,” “suspicious,” and unreliable after they started to drop.

Reported COVID cases in the UK have dropped by 22% since Thursday last week and cases are falling in every English local authority. Up until Wednesday, official day to day statistics showed that cases had dropped for seven days in a row, despite restrictions largely being lifted on July 19th.

The fact that the Euro football championships, ‘freedom day’ and the delta variant haven’t combined to create an explosion of new COVID cases as the zealots repeatedly said they would has somewhat annoyed the likes of Professor Tim Spector.

According to Spector, who previously called for mask mandates to remain indefinitely, the “sudden drop” in people testing positive for the virus in the government’s data is “very suspicious”. “It’s dropped something like 30% in two days, which is pretty much unheard of in pandemics, and remember this is happening without restrictions, without lockdowns, without some sudden event,” said Spector sounding a lot like a conspiracy theorist.

“To me, it looks a bit fishy. It looks as if there’s some other explanation for this other than suddenly the virus has given up,” he added.

Spector’s although spouting conspiracy theories has been given airtime by the media, despite all of them demonising anyone who questions official government statistics on COVID infection rates and death tolls when it was the other way. Now that the numbers are disproving the argument for lockdown, suddenly those numbers are “suspicious” and unreliable.

As we previously highlighted, Professor Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist who predicted there would be as many as 200,000 COVID cases a day by this point, was also proven spectacularly wrong, yet again. This also speaks to the fact that lockdown advocates who have built up significant acclaim and media exposure over the last 16 months are seemingly upset that the pandemic might be coming to an end and that their power, influence and fame may well be on the wane.

And, of course, irate Twitter mobs, who have repeatedly demanded harsher lockdowns, are also foaming at the mouth that COVID infection rates are plummeting.

So Professor Spector, you're looking like more of an idiot than normal, best wind your neck in or don your tinfoil hat.

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