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Ferguson's 200,000 Cases a Day Exposed as Yet More Fantasy. Cases Actually Fall After 'Freedom Day'

Professor Lockdown, gets it spectacularly wrong yet again, and still nobody grills him on it.

The epidemiologist who predicted there would be as many as 200,000 COVID cases a day in the UK if restrictions were lifted, is still not facing real scrutiny after infections continued to drop for the 6th day in a row.

The day before so-called ‘freedom day’ in England, where most mask mandates and social distancing restrictions were lifted, Ferguson did the now predictable thing of going on to TV with some apocolyptic tales of death and destruction if the people were to disobey him. He slimed onto BBC’s Andrew Marr show to spin his yarn, claiming:

“It’s very difficult to say for certain, but I think 100,000 cases a day is almost inevitable,” said Ferguson, adding, “The real question is do we get to double that or higher? We could get to 200,000 cases a day.”

Ferguson went on to trot out the same old tired warning of “major disruption” to the NHS and the interruption of elective surgeries. Something that we have heard repeatedly, has never happened, or come even close to happening and is really some veiled Marxist ideology that has repeatedly been trotted out as justification for his communist inspired lockdowns.

Lockdown critic Toby Young asked: "Lockdown zealots will attribute this decline to the vaccines, but that begs the question of why they weren’t confident the vaccines would prevent cases from surging when they predicted armageddon last Monday?”

Even Christopher Snowdon who has repeatedly called for longer, tougher lockdowns is now seeing them for what they are, saying: the scientists who claimed England’s unlocking represented “a threat to world” are also being proven spectacularly wrong. SAGE government advisers who claimed that relaxing restrictions was “a dangerous and unethical experiment” also face embarrassment. He has yet to admit that he was wrong for all he said previously about anti-lockdown protestors though.

Ferguson has never got any prediction even remotely right for any virus in the last two decades, from BSE to Covid his track record is a joke, or at least it would be were he not still in a position of influence and power in the UK Government. He warned that half a million Brits would die without a draconian lockdown, despite the fact that countries like Sweden which didn’t impose lockdown had similar waves and infection rates.

After Ferguson and Whitty have been proven wrong with their predictions nothing ever happens. The media should drag them back into the studio and grill them on it. Point out their predictions are repeatedly wrong, and by a huge margin. They should be held to account, on what they've predicted and their track record on previous epidemics. But that will not happen as the MSM are complicit in the Scamdemic, operating as the Ministry of Truth for Big Brother.

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