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Laurence Fox Arrested for Conspiracy

Fox follows Brand and Tate, but not Packham, as the latest social media celeb to face charges.

Laurence Fox has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to Ulez cameras after suggesting that he supported the Blade Runners in a video uploaded to Rumble yesterday.

Footage posted on X this morning shows six police officers in the home of the Reclaim party's leader said to be raiding the house looking for evidence of an alleged conspiracy by Fox and others to attack London's ULEZ cameras.

The former actor appeared on Maajid Nawaz’s 'Warrior Creed' podcast on Tuesday, where he 'encouraged mass removal of the surveillance state'. Fox said:

“I encourage them [Blade Runners] to tear down every single camera there is and I will be joining them to tear down cameras as well, because I’m one of those people that puts my money where my mouth is.”

Mr. Fox added he was “pretty close with several” Blade Runners – a secretive group behind acts of Ulez camera removal – and that he would be “out there with my angle grinder”.

Fox was reportedly being monitored by Met Police who were even listening to entire podcasts to find something on the controversial star, today's arrest appearing to confirm those reports.

The Met Police confirmed a 45-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to Ulez cameras.

Politically motivated.

The media have been quick to point out that the arrest is 'not politically motivated' however, this is clearly untrue; another tv presenter, Chris Packham, recently made an entire programme dedicated to how activists should break the law for their own ends. The programme: Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law? encouraged eco-terrorism and was said to 'incite violence', yet Packham has not been arrested, and is unlikely to be, because his is said to be 'the right' type of law-breaking.

Packham has said much worse than Fox, but his 'cause' is seen as morally superior by the State.


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