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Government Threatens Supporters of Russell Brand with IMPRISONMENT if they Air Views Online

You can now be in 'contempt of court' for a court case that doesn't even exist.

The Attorney General has issued a press release that specifically warns Russell Brand supporters that they may be found in 'contempt of court' if they post anything online that could jeopardize the successful stitch-up of the Youtuber.

In an astonishing move that proves the Government is out of control, the Attorney General, The Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP, has published a press release with the sole purpose of suppressing any defence of Brand. Even the mere mention of the star in positive terms could land you in jail. Channel 4, The Times, and the BBC can publish the most salacious stories about the Youtuber, but nobody is allowed to counter those claims in the same way, if they do they could well face prison.

For example Vision News couldn't now make a documentary that dispels those allegations, we would, according to this ruling, be in contempt of court. Incredible considering there's not even a police investigation into any allegations yet.

Government in lockstep with Mainstream Media.

This ruling came in on the 22nd, crucially after the media attacks were made, but before a media defence could be mounted. Channel 4, the Times and the BBC can publish attacks with impunity, and clearly are, but anyone saying anything that may debunk those attacks and that's 'contempt of court'.

Effectively Channel 4's programme is the basis for the prosecution, replete with unnamed 'victims' and sinister music. Yet that appears not to be 'materials which could prejudice a jury', but you saying that he's innocent on Facebook suddenly is. And all to protect a court case that doesn't exist.

Government Sets New Precedent.

This is clearly done to intimidate Brand's supporters and sets a frightening new precedent.

Let's be clear, Russell Brand is innocent until proven guilty, as it stands there is no police investigation, no arrest, no charge, and definitely no court case. A court case is only in the fervent imagination of those in the mainstream media, and yet nobody is allowed to speak about the subject of the imaginary case.

Even George Orwell would have struggled with such an outlandish concept.

Press release on .Gov

Tyranny disguised as legal jargon. The ruling is completely one-sided and aimed directly at Russell Brand supporters. If saying anything about Russell Brand prejudices a potential court case then Channel 4 are guilty of contempt of court; the Times is guilty of contempt of court, and the BBC are definitely guilty of contempt of court.

*If independent media had strictly abided by this ruling then it wouldn't have been known that the Government's Cyber Warfare Unit (33rd Brigade) are linked to these attacks, something that is, without doubt, in the public interest.


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