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JVT Rewarded for Pushing Covid Vaccine with Top Job at Manufacturer

Never stopped shilling for them.

Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer during the supposed pandemic, has been rewarded for his part in the scam with a top job at the very drugs company that made the vaccine.

Van-Tam who was instrumental in coercing the public into having the dangerous experimental treatment under the guise of a 'government expert' has now been rewarded for his deeds by Moderna who have announced they are making him Senior Medical Consultant next month. The post comes with a six figure salary on top of the inevitable share-dividends he will likely earn.

The Chief Medical Officer was seen almost daily at 5 o'clock alongside Boris Johnson ramping up fear secretly designed to funnel people into getting the vaccine. Van-Tam sat on both the SAGE committee and was a member of the government’s 'vaccine task-force' during the alleged crisis.

The UK government bought tens of millions of Covid jabs from Moderna during the pandemic, and struck a 10-year partnership with the US drugmaker for more vaccines based on the mRNA technology including constructing a new vaccine factory.

Things that government would rather you didn't know about their former Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

Pharmaceutical Lobbyist who relentlessly pushed drugs for profit.

Jonathan Van-Tam was a Lobbyist for some of the biggest drugs companies in the world.

Before becoming a government advisor, Jonathan Van-Tam was a lobbyist for a number of Pharmaceutical companies including: Roche, Aventis Pasteur MSD and SmithKline Beecham. It was Van Tams job to put pressure on Governments to declare a pandemic. This was for the sole purpose of selling more vaccines.

involvement in failed 'Pandemic' attempt in 2009

Van Tam was heavily involved in lobbying the government to declare a pandemic in 2009 when the swine/bird/influenza epidemic was attempted.

Continued to shill for drugs company whilst in public office.

Even after taking up the Government Advisory position Van-Tam continued to attend events organised by the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI), an industry-funded lobbying group. Van Tam effectively continued to act as a pharmaceutical shill whilst in public office behavior that has been heavily criticised by the Public Accounts Committee to no avail.

Government hid his past.

In 2017 Oxford University epidemiologist Tom Jefferson wrote in the BMJ "In my view it is time that the government and the public took a close look at what is going on in the upper echelons of healthcare planning and delivery in this country and considered imposing substantial time moratorium on hiring workers with close ties to industry. Should such senior appointments not be subject to parliamentary committee scrutiny?"

Conflict of Interest

However, When SAGE published their 'conflict of interests' document six of its members refused to disclose if they had a conflict of interests (i.e. was still in the pay of one or more Pharmaceuticals companies), which should have had them kicked off the committee but not a single person was removed, even when they did admit that they were still receiving money from drugs companies they continued to sit on the committee.

Called bereaved parents "Conspiracy theorists"

In 2021 Van-Tam outraged parents when, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary JVT said that Covid was a threat to young people, and began pushing vaccines for increasingly younger and younger children. When children began dying in mysterious circumstances Van-Tam doubled-down on the message, calling the bereaved parents "conspiracy theorists".



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