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Johnson Confirms What We Reported Months Ago: NO JAB NO PINT

We reported months ago that the UK Government would manipulate the leisure industry into doing their dirty work for them. Boris Johnson has told MPs "may be up to individual publicans" to ask for a vaccine certificate.

yeah right.

As we reported last year. "Not only are the UK government planning on denying people international travel if they don't have the jab, but also entry into pubs, restaurants, sports events, and any public buildings. To try and get around the freedom of choice issue, the Government's plan is to make the service and leisure industries be the fall-guys."

The plans always follow the same pattern: First utter denial, then a scenario reported by the mainstream media, followed by the government saying they're doing a 'feasibility study', closely followed by some 'hints' about its outcome (like this one) and then finally the announcement that they are going to do what was they called a 'conspiracy theory' only months before.

The BBC, who are complicit in this charade stated "A government source told the BBC that the option of allowing people to show a negative test was also being looked at."

Well that's just fucking fine and dandy then isn't it? You still have to show your Covid 'status' forcing you to have a PCR or lateral flow test every time you want to have a pint. The idea being that this a) gives the illusion of freedom of choice, when in reality it limits your options to participation in the scheme or.. participation in the scheme, and b) creates such inconvenience that taking the jab would relieve.

They think you're stupid.

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