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It Will Take Until 2026 to Vaccinate Everyone in UK With Restrictions In Place Until Then

The Government has published its ‘UK COVID-19 Vaccines Delivery Plan‘ and the Health Secretary gave a press conference alongside Professor Stephen Powis on Monday claiming that 2.3 million people have been given at least one dose of a vaccine so far and explaining his plan to continue rolling out 'the biggest mass vaccination programme in history'.

But, on the same day, a senior NHS exec has admitted to Vision News that, due to logistical challenges, they are likely to be able to only Vaccinate ONE million people a month, meaning in reality everyone in the UK wouldn't be vaccinated until sometime in Mid 2026.

Here are the numbers: (68million (population) / 1million (vaccinations a month) = 68 Months) 68 months / 12 = 5.6 years. Taking us to approximately JULY 2026.

Hancock was busy making wild claims about his vaccination programme in the same way he did about the "world class track and trace system" that cost £22 Billion, was shit and didn't work. Now it's his Vaccination Programme that gets the spin. As nobody has received a second jab, technically the answer to how many people have been vaccinated is 'none'.

Hancock also moved the goalposts saying:

The vaccine delivery plan says it is expected to take until spring to give a first dose to all 32 million people in the UK’s priority groups, including everyone over 55 and those who are clinically vulnerable.

Does any of this mean we bin all the restrictions? Not a chance. SAGE have been lobbying the government for even tighter and more draconian rules, fearful that they will lose their power over society without them. Hancock previously stated we'd be "back to normal by spring" but he's not the one in control, it is the fanatics in SAGE and NERVTAG who decide and they don't want any of this to end any time soon.

SAGE have said, repeatedly, that masks will need to be "worn for years to come" (Van-Tam) .

Now, the story being circulated by SAGE is that we have a 'super new strain and that this 'may' be resistant to the vaccine'. This, in case you hadn't twigged, is the trump-card to be played by SAGE when the current lockdown comes to an end. They'll doctor some charts to scare Bojo with, like they did last time, and their power will be regained.

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