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UK Government Medical Officer: Masks Should Be Worn FOR YEARS

An editorial by Darren Birks

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam (yes, his real name), the UK’s deputy chief medical officer, showed just how myopic and out of touch he is yesterday by announcing that face masks will still have to be worn “for years” to come, regardless of any vaccine.

Van-Tam announced that he expects to see the face coverings become as "commonplace as they are in China and other places in the far east." None of the listening journalists challenged the Professor on his demented ideas whilst Boris Johnson just smirked as he looked on.

Clinically obese Van-Tam clearly has the mindset that everyone-else is responsible for his health, but the biggest risk factor, after age, is obesity, so before making it all our responsibility for your health tubby, I suggest you take measures to reduce your own Covid risk, you can start by putting down the fork, then perhaps a chiropractor could help you with winding your neck in.

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