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'Islamism Doesn't Exist' says Sunak, the 'Far-Right' are the Real Threat

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has denied that Islamism exists in Britain.    So adamant is he that Islamism is not real that he has begun to suspend any Tory MP that even hints that it does.

Lee Anderson is the first MP to fall, suspended from the party for daring to suggest that Islam might not be a force for good, with Sunak demanding that he apologises to the Muslim community and tow the line before that suspension is lifted.

Tory MP Lee Anderson had identified that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was under the control of Islamists, a statement with overwhelming evidence to support it, but is not being allowed oxygen despite it being an obvious fact.

Lee Anderson has since stood by his comments saying that his comments were “born out of sheer frustration at what is happening to our beautiful capital city”.

An element of Islamic supporters within Conservative party said it is seeking an 'urgent meeting' with government figures, but the is little if any need for such a meeting as Rishi Sunak has already made Anderson a scapegoat.

Anderson noted: “If you are wrong, apologising is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength,” he said in the statement released on Monday. “But, when you think you are right, you should never apologise because to do so would be a sign of weakness.”

Rishi Sunak has joined Labour MPs, Sadiq Khan, and the speaker of the House Lindsey Hoyle in referring to the mythical 'far-right' even though the baying mob outside Parliament are clearly nothing of the sort. The death threats that MPs received this week weren't from the 'far-right' either. Sunak, Starmer, and Hoyle know this all too well, but the gaslighting is being stepped up as the Islam threat reaches dangerous new levels.

The inconvenient truth that our politicians what us to forget:

The 7/7 bombings were Islamic

The murderers of Lee Rigby were Islamic

The murderer of David Amess was Islamic

The Manchester Arena bomber was Islamic

The Westminster attacker was Islamic

The 2017 London Bridge attackers were Islamic

The 2019 London Bridge attackers were Islamic

The Reading attacker was Islamic

The Batley Grammar school teacher is in hiding because of Islamists

The Broad Street cinema protests were Islamists

The Death threats to MPs this week were from Islamists

Intimidation of Israeli embassy staff was by Islamists

Threats to MPs outside Parliament was by Islamists

Tory Councillors threatened by Islamists

Walsall Councillors intimidated by Islamists

Messages calling for genocide of the Jews beamed onto Parliament was by Islamists.

In contrast there was one murder, that of Jo Cox, by the 'far-right', Despite a lack of anything else for a decade 75% of the security services resource is spent on searching for more. So far they have found a Hitler-saluting dog and a boy who had a book that is freely available on Amazon.

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