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Islam Displays Dominance Over Britain as Easter is Replaced by Ramadan

Easter is the latest target of Islam and the supporting far-left: Easter Eggs get a rebrand, Ramadan chocolate appears on supermarket shelves, Islamic prayers get recited in Britain's parliament, whilst its capital gets lights to celebrate Ramadan, and its Church flies an Islamic flag. But say anything and Socialists on X will call you a "flag shagger".

Easter Eggs become Gesture Eggs.

After Christmas came under sustained attack it is now Easter that is the target of Islam and the Woke left that foolishly support it.  Cadbury is the latest company to begin erasing Christianity from their product range replacing "Easter eggs" with "gesture eggs" so as not to 'offend' Muslims

Workers in a Cadbury outlet shop in Lincolnshire couldn’t bring themselves to write the word 'Easter' on their signs, preferring to erase the christian word entirely.  Easter eggs have become ‘Gesture Eggs’ causing confusion and outrage in some shoppers.    The chocolate giant - which was founded by Christian Quakers, insists it had used 'Easter' in its marketing for more than 100 years - had a two-for-£10 promotion on 'gesture eggs' at an independently run discount store in Springfields Outlet in Spalding, Lincolnshire.  Cadbury’s spokesman claimed that the new term was not of their making and that it had been done entirely independently and by the one shop.

Ramadan KitKat®.

Nestle have also begun to replace Christian symbols with Islamic ones, but they have been far bolder with their packaging.  They have brought out a range of Islamic inspired chocolate products that include Ramadan KitKat®.  The American food giant has partnered with Muslim content creators to trial its new 30-piece bars, featuring 1 piece for every day of Ramadan. The products, that go on sale right in the middle of Lent, feature the Islamic Moon and Star symbol and Characters from the Koran.

Westminster Abbey flies Islamic flag.

The Pakistani flag, complete with Islamic crescent and star, was hoisted above Westminster Abbey during Lent 2024.  According to an official statement by the Abbey this was done for Independence Day of Pakistan and that 'special prayers' were offered for the continued friendship between the two nations.

Westminster Abbey, the 'nation's church' displaying Islamic symbols in the middle of what is arguably the most important time in the Christian calendar appears to many like its submission, particularly as Christians are persecuted in Pakistan. They are called 'Shura, a derogatory term meaning 'filthy'. Christians are still attacked and murdered in Pakistan on an almost industrial level. In August last year alone, 20 churches and almost 100 homes were attacked.

Ramadan Lights on display in London over Easter.

Sadiq Khan, himself an Muslim, proudly switched on lights in Oxford Street and Regents Street celebrating the Islamic holy month that just happens to fall right in the middle of the Christian Festival and the lights will remain on, to really ram home the message, all the way through the Easter holiday. Unlike the winter festival decorations that replaced Christmas lights in December, the Ramadan lights are very specific saying "HAPPY RAMADAN" and featuring the islamic symbols.


Muslims Now Control Britain

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