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Increased Risk of Myocarditis known by Pfizer Before Jan 2022 Leaked Documents Reveal

"Onset was typically within several days after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.."

Project Veritas is doing the job abandoned by the mainstream media. Investigating big pharma, and sorting the truth from the lies. Project Veritas has done more to expose Pfizer's corruption, fraud and coercion than any other news agency in the world.

In yet another brilliant piece of investigative journalism, PV has uncovered confidential emails between Pfizer staff proving they knew about the potential increased risk of Myocarditis their vaccine caused at least as early as January 2022. Whilst they publicly maintained the lie of safe and effective, internal documents show Pfizer knew it was neither.

The documents state:

“There is evidence that suggests patients who receive a COVID-19 vaccine are at an increased risk of myocarditis.” • “Onset was typically within several days after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (from Pfizer or Moderna), and cases have occurred more often after the second dose than the first dose.” [PAGE 19] • “The reasons for male predominance in myocarditis and pericarditis incidence post COVID-19 vaccination remain unknown.” [PAGE 28] • “The pattern of cases conform, as per the label, to a pattern of myocarditis cases occurring in majority of young males below 29 years of age within the first two weeks postvaccination...” [PAGE 19] • “Since April 2021, increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported in the United States after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna), particularly in adolescents and young adults (CDC 2021).” [PAGE 18] • “Myocarditis events were defined as encounters with a billing or encounter diagnosis consistent with an ICD10-CM or SNOMED CT code for myocarditis which fell within two weeks of receiving dose 1, 2, or 3 of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.” • “Incidence rates of myocarditis were measured for each vaccine dose with denominator signifying the total number of patients receiving that dose and numerator signifying the total number of patients meeting the above criteria for an encounter for myocarditis following that dose.”

[NEW YORK – Mar. 16, 2023] Project Veritas published confidential Pfizer documents today showing that the company was aware of the potential risk of myocarditis for individuals who received doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.


Pfizer Knew Vaccine Could Kill Due to Deadly Side Effects but Released it Anyway

Nov 18th 2021

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