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Huge Risk of Islamic Terrorist Attacks this Christmas Warn Security Experts

Europe faces a 'huge risk of terrorist attacks' over Christmas, according to Intelligence Experts.

Intelligence officers from Britain, France and Scandinavia have warned that there is a high probability that Islamic fundamentalists will carry out terrorist attacks in many of the major cities across Europe over Christmas.

We have already seen terrorist attacks in Dublin, Paris, and Brussels in the last two months and millions of Muslims on the streets of Europe shouting for the killing of Jews, and Jihad against the west.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser sending her condolences to France over the weekend attack, said it highlights 'just how acute and how serious the threat posed by Islamist terrorism is currently in the EU'.

'The war in Gaza and Hamas' terror are exacerbating this situation,' she said.

Faeser said she had spoken with her counterparts from Austria, Belgium, France, Spain and Sweden about the risks.

'Our security agencies are working very closely together. We must keep a particularly close eye on the Islamist threats right now and take action against Islamist propaganda together with neighbouring countries,' she said.

A former British Army Intelligence Officer, shortly after the October 7th attacks, told Vision News that they would trigger a new wave of terrorism in the UK and across europe. Now, with Christmas fast approaching, it is looking likely that his predictions will be chillingly accurate.

The mainstream media have plaid-down the threat. Every incident so far have been deliberately misreported. The story is always the same, a 'national' with mental illness. Dublin, Paris, and Brussels have all been reported this way.

The fatal weekend attack in Paris left a German-Filipino tourist dead and two others, including a British man, injured. The savage attack took place near the Eiffel Tower shortly before 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) on Saturday. A 26-year-old French man was later arrested. Reuters reported that French investigations into the attack were looking on Monday into the mental health of the suspected assailant, who swore allegiance to the Islamic State group before stabbing the man to death and injuring two other people with a hammer.

The French national taken into police custody, Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, has a history of mental illness and of Islamic radicalisation, officials said. He faces a possible preliminary charge of terrorist-related murder for the nighttime attack that raised fresh questions about security in Paris before it hosts the Olympic Games next year. 'This is a case that links radical Islam, undeniably, and mental illness. I must tell the French people the truth that there are numerous cases like this,' French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said yesterday, adding that around one-third of suspected radicals under surveillance have psychiatric issues.

Likewise, the Dublin attacks were described as by an 'Irish national, with metal health issues', in reality he was a failed asylum seeker from Algeria who shouted Allahu Akbar as he attempted to murder the children.

Unconfirmed reports from Dublin suggest the first girl stabbed is clinically dead, kept alive on a ventilator for political purposes, with the parents of the six year old being threatened by authorities to keep quiet about their daughter. Certainly we have not been given any details about the victims, with both Irish press and authorities making the story about 'far-right' nations instead.

Shockingly, there have also been a number of videos online showing Imams in Mosques across several countries, calling for the slaughter of Jews and Christians, and for ordinary Muslims to enact a holy war.

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