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HAMAS Plot to MURDER Thousands of JEWS Across EUROPE Foiled (For Now)

More proof, if ever it were needed, that the current Israeli/Palestine conflict has nothing to do with land, and everything to do with killing Jews, come from interpol where police for Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands have arrested a number Hamas operatives who were plotting the murder of thousands of Jews across Europe.

Seven arrests made during raids in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands were made by intelligence services who had intercepted the terrorist's internet traffic as they prepared to hit Jewish targets accross the continent.

This Hamas plot to kill Jews in Europe was foiled but security experts warn that they were not alone and that there are literally thousands of Islamic fundimentalists currently living in Europe, a significant threat to the safety of not only Jews but also Christians too.

Three people were arrested in Germany, three in Denmark and one in the Netherlands with the Danish prime minister describing the plot as being “as serious as it gets”. The Hamas operatives were under orders to bring a cache of weapons from an undisclosed location in Europe to Berlin to attack Jewish institutions, German prosecutors said.

Germany has said that four of the seven suspects in the alleged plot are members of Hamas, the proscribed terrorist group which controls the Gaza Strip and which launched the unprecedented October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

The suspects were allegedly planning attacks across Europe, officials said, whilst Israeli officials have suggested all the arrests were linked to a single, cross-border European terror plot originating from the Islamic Brotherhood.

Attacks on Jews who don't even live in the middle east highlight the true nature of the threat. It has nothing to do with a tiny strip of land that is the Israeli state and everything to do with the hatetred and genicidal mindset of Muslims who are taught almost from birth to hate them.

Three of the suspects arrested in Berlin are citizens of Egypt and Lebanon according to German prosecutors. The three suspects arrested in Denmark are to be charged with terror offences, according to Danish police chief inspector Flemming Drejer.

Security patrols around Jewish sites in Denmark are being stepped up in response to the foiled plot as well as police patrols in Copenhagen.

The three men arrested in Berlin, and another held in the Netherlands, were preparing a weapons cache that would be “kept in a state of readiness in view of potential terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe”, they said. Bild, the German tabloid, named the suspects held in Berlin as Lebanese-born Abdelhamid Al A, Egyptian citizen Mohamed B and Lebanese-born Ibrahim El-R. German authorities typically withhold the surnames of criminal and terror suspects. “The three men have close ties to senior leaders of Hamas’s military wing,” Bild reported, citing sources close to the investigation.

No later than early 2023, Hamas leaders in Lebanon had tasked Abdelhamid Al

A, with locating a “depot with weapons in Europe, which the organisation had covertly set up there in the past”, prosecutors said. Abdelhamid Al A, Mohamed B and another suspect, Nazih R, “set out from Berlin several times to search for the weapons”, and were aided in their efforts by Ibrahim El-R.

“The protection of Jews is our top priority,” Nancy Faeser, Germany’s interior minister, said on Thursday night. Five apartments and a restaurant in Berlin were searched by police as part of the investigation. German prosecutors said that the investigation into the three suspects arrested there had been launched several months before the October 7 Hamas massacre. The three suspects arrested in Denmark are due to appear at a closed court session on Friday.


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