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Government's Secret Plan to Reduce Speed Limits to 50mph Next Step in 'War on the Car'

The UK Government have drawn up plans to make 50mph the speed limit on Motorways under the pretence that it will 'save the environment'.

The secret Whitehall plan is the latest in the ongoing war on the car that has been waged since Johnson took office. A Whitehall source has confirmed that the there is a war on the car, and that "Speed limits for environmental purposes - are at the beginning of that journey."

The Whitehall source also states that the 'environment' is proving to be the perfect excuse for Marxists embedded in the civil service saying that the car is rapidly becoming an object of hate, with entire departments of civil servants dedicated to thinking up ways to restrict, reduce or ban cars altogether.

Last year the World Health Organisation slashed the level of NO2 pollution it said was 'acceptable' by 75 percent, giving UK Governments the perfect excuse to implement more rules limiting the car's use. England, Wales and Scotland's government's have all drawn up ten year plans that are designed to kill the car. A series of laws will be brought in periodically to make car ownership more and more difficult, and expensive seen as 'antisocial'.

Following the WHO's diktat the Welsh government brought in more targets to reduce levels of NO2 in the atmosphere. They are now monitoring additional sections of the M4 with a view to reducing the speed limit from 70mph to 50mph across all of the network, spending more than £5.6m creating five 50mph zones at sites found to have 'unsafe levels of NO2.' In just the past four months that resulted in 40,000 drivers receiving advisory notices and 3,379 notices of intended prosecution after breaking the lower speed limit.

National Highways, the body that runs England's motorways and A roads, has also imposed 60mph limits in four places on the M6, M5, M602 and M1 but this is just the beginning. The 'evidence' for these pilot schemes will be used as the excuse to impose a maximum speed of 50mph across the entire network.

Just as with Covid Lockdowns the Government have not done any impact assessment on what lowering speed to a maximum of 50mph will do to the economy. It will devastate the economy in all sorts of ways, journey times will be dramatically increased, making some work commutes effectively unrealistic whilst commerce will suffer as journey times increase by a third, none of which has been taken into consideration. The car will soon disappear from our streets completely, so you better get used to it.

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