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Government Laughed at Public for Believing Covid Virus was Real by Holding Christmas Party

The day before banning Christmas get-togethers because of an alleged killer virus, the government had a Christmas party with coconspiritors.

The significance of Boris Johnson holding a Christmas party the night before he callously and sadistically banned the public from having theirs appears to have gone unnoticed by the media. The media have, almost entirely, focused on rule-breaking and not the fact that they clearly know there is no killer plague and never was.

The party proves that Covid-19 is a HOAX.

The media, and the opposition, confronted by the story have entirely missed the point. It's not that Hancock, Johnson, Ferguson, Cummings and others broke the rules, it's why they broke the rules that's important. Clearly, if they thought there was even an outside chance that a killer-virus was on the loose they'd have taken their own advice. They'd have cancelled the party, the family get-togethers, and the shag-fests. They would have locked themselves away, just as they told us to do, fearful that if they came into contact with anyone they could contract the most deadly plague since the black death.

Less than 24 hours before Johnson destroyed Christmas for everyone, he must have been laughing with his co-conspirators at just how gullible we all are. He'd supposedly seen all the evidence; the infection rates, the death figures, the R-numbers, the computer models, the epidemiological reports, and was about to take the unprecedented step of telling the nation that the threat of a killer virus was so high and so dangerous, that nobody could run the risk of contact with each other for fear of infection. Yet, the night before he told the nation that they could not have Christmas with their loved ones to avert the apocalypse johnson had a private party in Downing Street with his.

Boris Johnson clearly knew that Covid-19 was a hoax, or a theory at the very least, because if he had believed that there was even a remote possibility that it really existed no party would have been held. The public would do well to remember that when on the 19th of December he will try to impose a second Christmas lockdown.

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