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Government Behind FAKE FUEL CRISIS with 52p in EVERY LITRE a GREEN TAX

They've no intention of 'helping you' through this crisis, they designed it to price you out of owning a car as part of their Net Zero Agenda.

The cost of petrol is ridiculous and is in danger of crashing the economy if it goes on much further, but the war in Ukraine is not the reason for it, the real cause lays much closer to home.

The average cost of a tank of petrol is now over £100 and, according to experts, won't stop there. It is likely to increase by at least another 15% before the end of the year with some experts predicting that rationing will need to be brought in by September.

Nothing to do with the War in Ukraine.

The Government have repeatedly blamed war in Ukraine for the massive rise in Petrol and Diesel prices at the pumps, and that it's nothing whatsoever to do with them or their policies. This is wholly untrue. It is everything to do with them,.. and their policies.

The entire crisis, in the UK at least, has been manufactured by the government through policies they have SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to force the public out of their petrol cars and for some highly dubious net zero agenda.

Net Zero is all that matters.

Every litre of fuel sold in the UK has a 52p Green Levy added to it. this 'Green Tax' is designed to punish the owner of a vehicle that produces Co2 and is as part of the Government's social engineering toward a carbon-free Britain. So when Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak tell you that they are doing everything they can to 'help' you, know that the exact opposite is true. They are the ones inflicting this pain on you because you are seen as a polluter and increasingly a social pariah.

First Fake Fuel Crisis

In October of 2021 the Government began the next phase of their Net Zero plan (Remember: Build Back Better?) where it's plans were translated into action. the following month we had the first fake fuel crisis when it was claimed that petrol couldn't get to the forecourts due to a sudden lack of 120,000 tanker drivers. During that time to maintain their profits, oil companies simply hiked the price of a litre, the government got their crisis, petrol producers still made their profits and the BBC (who helped create the panic buying) Got to have another dig at Brexiteers who were blamed for the crisis.

Now the attack on the motorist is again in full swing. The cause of the crisis this time is supposed to be the war in Ukraine, but Britain has billions of barrels of oil, gas and coal buried under our feet. We could, and should, be energy independent. The Government made a simple choice to leave it all in the ground in favour of some windmills demanded by home county Marxists. So just remember the next time Johnson and Sunak tell you they're doing all they can to help you, they're not, and never were.


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