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Calls Grow to Prosecute Globalists Who Faked Fuel Crisis as Lives Put at Risk

Calls are growing to have those who faked the fuel crisis face criminal charges as emergency services warn patients lives are at risk due to the deliberate act of fuel execs and the BBC.

Motorist organisations, members of the general public and even emergency services are calling for the criminal prosecution for those who orchestrated the fuel crisis scam which is now putting the public lives at risk.

It was revealed last week that the entire fuel crisis was orchestrated by oil company execs and the BBC to create a public stampede. The perpetrators obscuring their motives behind the false notion that the crisis was ‘a consequence of Brexit’ leading to thousands of Remoaners to be duped yet again by globalists.

In truth they should have just followed the money, because it was oil companies wanting unlimited slave labour from eastern Europe who were at the root of the crisis. An unwillingness to pay British drivers a decent wage.

As we reported previously, BP have been pressuring the British Government for several weeks to relax immigration rules so they can employ cheap labour from Poland again, making increasing claims that they would impose rationing at the pumps and disrupt supplies if their demands weren't met.

Lobby-groups on behalf of oil giants and haulage companies, unwilling to pay the £35,000 to £40,000 wage of a British HGV driver, have spent months lobbying government to reverse Brexit rules on free movement. Two weeks ago those lobby groups had a Zoom call with Government ministers to apply even more pressure. On that call representing the Road Haulage Association (RHA) was Rod McKenzie a man who was once a senior exec for the BBC, the very organisation who just happened to leak the story the following day.

To be clear, BP didn't have a major driver shortage, before the panic that ensued only 4 stations, out of 1200, were actually closed. A situation that industry insiders claimed was 'easily manageable'. A government source alleged that someone on that call deliberately leaked BP's (false) claims of shortages to the BBC in order to strongarm the government into relaxing rules on free movement. The details didn't matter though, the BBC only needed to run the headline for total panic to ensue.

The Climate-change touting, car hating, working-class despising BBC leapt on the story, exaggerating it and putting the story on repeat with the express purpose of panicking the public.

“Those who caused this should be jailed.”

As the crisis refuses to oblate in the capital, paramedics have warned that a lack of fuel for their vehicles runs the real risk of services collapsing, with the potential of patients dying as the service fails to reach time-critical cases.

“Those who caused this should be jailed.” Said one Paramedic who had spent over an hour searching for fuel on top of his 12 hour shift. “It's been totally unnecessary and we’re now likely to have our ambulance off the road because we can’t get fuel, this is really putting our patients at risk. I can’t believe they’re allowed to get away with it, something needs to be done.”

It is unclear, however, how anyone could be held responsible for the crisis. Although the story was fake, fraud would be almost impossible to prove. Despite lives of the public having knowingly been put at risk, even the Health and Safety Executive would be unable to prove negligence or intent. The simple truth is that globalists in big business and the BBC can manipulate events almost at will and there is simply nothing we as citizens can do about it. Patients dying because ambulances can’t reach them are just collateral damage for globalists.

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