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Flurona: Increasingly Desperate Technocrats Create New Panic Over Old Virus

Colds and Flu now reason enough to maintain control.

Israeli scientists have reported the first case of what is being dubbed 'flurona', supposedly found in a young, unvaccinated, pregnant woman in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva.

Flurona, say 'experts' is a 'dangerous mixture of coronavirus and influenza'. The BBC reported that the young woman was unvaccinated with lab results from the hospital detecting the co-presence of both the flu and Covid 19 pathogens. Images of officials in hazmat suits accompany the story. Israel's Health Ministry is said to be studying the combination of the two infections to detect how serious the illness may be.

What is not widely reported is that the woman has only 'mild symptoms' and her hospitalisation was only precautionary. It also should be noted that Israel is the most vaccinated country in the world though this too has not been reported in conjunction with the scare.

Flurona, is the latest in a long line of apocalyptic stories spun around Covid. Technocrats hoped that Omicron would be the killer-variant that would have us all demanding more lockdowns and jabs, but in reality Covid, if it ever existed, has long-since mutated into the common cold. Exactly as virologists, at least the ones not in the pay of Pharmaceutical companies have alway predicted it would.

Now, the same technocrats are claiming that the virus has mutated into a super-flu, but many have pointed out that this is merely another three card trick to have us believe that we're in mortal danger.

The Flurona story comes just weeks after Moderna’s chief medical officer warned that variants of COVID-19 could combine to create a ‘monster’ virus, and that patrons would need booster jabs every 3 to 6 months to combat and following 2020's total absence of any flu virus for the first time since records began.

0n December 17th 2020 we ran the story 'flu numbers Drop Off A Cliff as Everything Recorded as Covid-19'. Here

On January 3rd 2021 we ran the story 'experts have no explanation for flu disappearing from seasonal data. Here

On February 10th 2021 we published a report that concluded 71% of ALL Covid cases were misidentified Flu. Here

But it was Dr. David Thunder, back in May of last year, who warned of the 'Flurona' scam saying: "Lockdown Restrictions Will Return Whenever There’s a Harsh Flu Season". Here

“Governments will attempt to take credit for the lull in COVID infections and hospitalisations, they will claim we are only able to open up and return to some semblance of normality because of their draconian restrictions on social life, they will suggest that our enjoyment of normal life is due to their wise stewardship of the pandemic and their graciousness in relaxing restrictions,” said Thunder, adding that “they will conveniently ignore the fact” that countries like Sweden and states like Florida and Texas, which never fully locked down, showed similar patterns in the remission of COVID-19.

Thunder says that most people will “take whatever breadcrumbs of normality fall from the table of their captors” and think that by continuing to submit to full conformity, life will eventually return to pre-COVID regularity.

“But make no mistake about it, this nightmare will not be over until citizens push back and say enough is enough,” said Thunder. “Governments are now armed with a powerful excuse to suspend citizens’ civil liberties whenever there’s a winter resurgence in respiratory viruses.”

“A harsh flu season will be enough to set in motion the wheels of tyranny – threatening people’s jobs, businesses, mental and physical health, freedom of movement, and freedom of association,” added Thunder, asserting that the only way to end this is to resist and refuse to comply with lockdown mandates. Concluding “This is not over until we say it is.”

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