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Flu and Pneumonia Deaths Now 10 Times Higher Than Covid Deaths; But Will 'Justify' More Lockdowns

Before we get into the data itself, just bear in mind that never in medical history has an annual disease completely disappeared to be replaced by one with exactly the same symptoms.

The latest data from the ONS, published today, reveals that just 84 people died of Covid in England and Wales in the week ending June 11th, less than 10% of deaths from flu and pneumonia and one of the lowest weekly totals since the pandemic began.

The number of people dying with Flu and Pneumonia on their death certificate in England and Wales is now ten times higher than those with Covid, figures show. Latest weekly data on deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows there were just 84 deaths mentioning Covid in the week ending June 11. In contrast, there were 1,163 deaths involving flu and pneumonia.

Registered Covid deaths fell by 14% since the last update in the week ending June 4th, when there were 98 deaths recorded. Covid deaths now make up just 0.8% of all deaths – down from 1.3% in the previous week, despite the fact that week included the late May bank holiday, which meant there were fewer death registrations. The latest figure of 84 deaths is only the third time the weekly total has dipped below 100 since last September, and is one of the lowest since the pandemic began.

Public Health England, SAGE and the Office for National Statistics claimed that at almost an identical time Covid first appeared, seasonal flu disappeared. There then followed months of smoke-screens and misdirection; first the ONS claiming they didn't collect Seasonal Flu data, (a blatant lie), then that this was an oversight and that they did collect them but that there were just none to report. It took a member of the public to put in a FOI request before they'd publish the figures, due to what they clearly showed. The correlation between Covid's arrival and the disappearance of Flu wasn't just similar, it was the same. Authorities were clearly counting flu deaths as covid deaths. This was not due to thousands of doctors being 'in' on some conspiracy, but the fact that they were primed to expect Covid, and as the two viruses present as identical the doctor recorded the death as covid. PCR and Lateral flow tests give false-positives at such a high rate that even if they were performed it would simply confirm the wrong diagnosis.

As we previously reported, health experts outside of the Covid machine suggested that flu cases were so dramatically low last year because influenza cases were being falsely counted as COVID cases. Top epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski said that, “Influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.”

Now, doctors have the mindset that vaccines are here so it can't be Covid-19 they're seeing, so it must be Flu. In truth Covid-19 and Flu are so similar as to be the same, they are effectively interchangeable. SAGE will use this phenomenon to implement further lockdowns next winter, either by again claiming that the seasonal flu spike is a 'fourth wave' of Covid-19 or to suggest that the flu strain this year is more virulent due to its absence last season, and that masks, social distancing, and lockdowns must be implemented again.

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