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Fateful Covid Computer Model that led to Lockdowns was Overseen by PAULA VENNELLS

Paula Vennells was at the heart of an even bigger computer scandal after leaving the Post Office.

In 2020 the very computer model that predicted 465,000 Brits would die of Coronavirus was produced under the supervision of the former Post Office Chief executive.

Imperial College London Appointment.

After Paula Vennells left the Post Office she was given a cushy role in the NHS. on April 1st 2019, Vennells was appointed Chair of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Employed by Dido Harding

On the panel that appointed Vennells was Baroness Dido Harding who would later be responsible for her own computer scandal: Test and Trace. The Government system that cost £15 Billion, failed to trace a single virus, but did manage to track those on it who weren't sticking to lockdowns.

No medical qualifications

According to records at the time, Vennells was appointed as Chair of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust by the cabinet office despite having no medical qualifications whatsoever.

Vennells was Imperial College Chair during Neil Ferguson's faulty computer code scandal

Vennells tenure as Chair was from April 1st 2019 to December 2020, leaving at the exact time the first vaccines went into the arms of British citizens. Vennells was chair of the Imperial College NHS Trust throughout the first half of the supposed 'Pandemic' and, crucially, in charge at the time Neil Ferguson was making wild computer predictions of Covid's spread that were, even at the time, proved to be false.

Echoes of the Post Office scandal

With echoes of the Post Office scandal ten years before, the Imperial College model was discovered to be faulty by Edinburgh university, but that fact was covered up with the faulty figures used to justify lockdowns. Just like the Post Office, Imperial College insisted that the computer models were correct and attacked anyone who questioned their authenticity.

Even when it was proved that the Imperial College figures were wrong Imperial College attempted to gaslight those that reported it, something they are still doing to this day.

Escaping justiice

Paula Vennells is about to hand back her CBE, cash in her cheques and disappear into obscurity having presided over two of the biggest computer frauds ever perpetrated, unlikely to face justice for either.

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Hanging would be too good for scumbaags like these...AND the arseholes responsible for appointing them. I quite like the idea of public guillotining!

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