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Don't Be Fooled: EVERY 20MPH ZONE WILL STAY with EVEN MORE Restrictions to Come

Plans for an individual carbon credit system to replace road restrictions.

Rishi Sunak is not your friend. Not even close. He is still wedded to the Net Zero agenda and it's about to get ramped-up big time.

This week, in a cynical attempt to win the next election, Rishi Sunak suddenly claimed he would 'end the war on the Motorist'. Gaslighting the public he also claimed that the Conservatives were now the 'party of the Motorist' yet every one of the attacks on motorists came from the Tory government.


Carbon Tax.

High Petrol Prices.

20mph Zones.



Cycle Lanes.

Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars.

All the above were orchestrated under a Tory Government. Indeed most of them came out of Boris Johnson's anti-car white paper called 'Gear Change' which instructed local authorities to implement the changes, and whilst the country was in lockdown so there would be least opposition. Johnson even instructed Whitehall to give local authorities new powers to implement the anti-car agenda.

Councils went from providing a service to acting like our overlords, whilst we were all distracted by fantom plagues. Councils went from being responsible for filling the potholes and mending the street lights to deciding who could drive, where they could go, how often, and how they got there. Johnson said of the plan that it was "the most radical change to our cities since the arrival of mass motoring"

Current restrictions will remain.

Rishi Sunak is not about to undo any of it. He is not going to rip up the cycle lanes, restore 30mph, or tear down the ULEZ cameras. They're all here to stay. Likewise the carbon taxes that make UK petrol prices some of the highest in the world will stay. The ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars also remains, merely brought in line with the EU.

Carbon Credit System to replace individual laws.

As the UN's Agenda 2030 deadline approaches government's around the world are about to ramp-up their war on the car. Plans for an individual Carbon Credit System are currently being brought forward and will replace many, if not all, the current 'anti-car' restrictions. The illusion will be that freedom has been restored, you simply won't have enough carbon credit to drive your car anywhere in the first place.


Rishi Sunak will Implement 'Programmable Money' if He Becomes P.M.

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