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Doctors Bring Legal Challenge Against Government's “Grossly Irresponsible” Child Covid Vaccine

and for "experimental pharmaceutical interventions on our children."

A group of doctors is launching a legal challenge against the U.K. Government’s offer of a Covid vaccine to healthy five to 11 year-olds, on behalf of a British mother and her children, branding it “reckless” and “grossly irresponsible”.

The case is being brought by members of the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Council – an independent group of senior health professionals and scientists aiming to challenge unethical Government policies on Covid vaccines for children – and employs the same legal team challenging the Government on the 12-15 year-old rollout (the two cases having to be brought separately).

In the absence of an independent critical media or political opposition on this issue, the group says this is the only opportunity there will be to force the Government to account for its decision. The worry is officials will get off unchallenged and a dangerous precedent will be set for healthcare policy in the U.K. Funding support is being spearheaded by Beverley Turner, radio and TV personality and a campaigner for child protection.

The group says that, even if the case is unsuccessful, it is of vital importance the arguments are made and the Government’s response recorded to form part of the public record. It adds:

The Government has recently begun to climb down on many Covid policies as the evidence becomes too obvious to ignore, but it is stubbornly pushing ahead with the least logical, most reckless policy of all – experimental pharmaceutical interventions on our children.

The group sets out in detail in a letter to the Government (plus two annexes) the evidence of a lack of any risk-benefit case for vaccinating children. The group says the case will show that crucial information is being hidden from the public and there is no benefit to children from vaccination. It will also show that adverse reactions from the vaccines are likely in the hundreds of thousands and there is demonstrable risk of life-changing injury and death.

The group argues that despite the Government’s use of the word “offer”, which implies freedom of choice, basic information on the vaccine and its efficacy and side-effects has not been provided to parents and children.

It notes that Sweden has refused to give the vaccines to healthy children on the basis they provide no benefit and Norway is also not recommending them. Florida is the first U.S. state actively to recommend against vaccinating healthy children. The U.K. must follow their lead, it says. For more information see CCVAC website.

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