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Diesel Rationing Within Weeks as Experts Predict Coming Crisis Will Be 'Worse than the 1970s'

And digital ration-books for days when you can buy fuel.

Although the UK largely sources its own petrol, over half of the country's entire diesel supply is imported with a third coming from Russia. Analysts have concluded there is a real risk diesel will have to be rationed if supplies aren't restored within the next few days. 12 million diesel car owners face a summer of long queues at the pumps and days without being able to use their vehicles.

A spokesman from the Energy Aspects consultancy told the Mail Online "Risks of energy rationing and ultimately a recession are growing by the day - something most policymakers seem to be ignoring or not grasping right now." "If Russian oil is not integrated back into the market within the next few weeks, we are at a real risk of having to ration crude and products by the summer."

By Friday, its assessment had become even more urgent, with the warning diesel rationing could begin as soon as April with the crisis being 'worse than that of the 1970s oil crisis by summer.'

Some commentators have suggested that the fake fuel crisis in November was a 'dummy-run' for this one. In an even more disturbing development the government plan digital ration books that closely resemble the vaccine passport it tried to force on everyone last year. The technology has already been developed and can be deployed within days.

If you own a diesel car you will be told to download an App that will allow you to buy fuel on specific days decided by the government. You will not be able to buy fuel without the app which will work in the same way vaccine passports do. You will need to show the QR code at the petrol station before you can recieve your rationed amount of fuel.

Almost as if this was all planned.



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