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DEATHS in Iceland Up 30% in First Quarter of 2022 – Just as Boosters Were Rolled Out

In January to March 2022, 760 people died in Iceland, a sharp 30% increase compared with the previous year. Excess mortality in the first quarter against the average for the past five years is up 28% too, a period that includes the supposed height of the pandemic.

Chief Epidemiologist Thorolfur Gudnason, who recently had a serious bout of illness from COVID-19 despite being triple vaccinated (which he'd previously claimed had "provided excellent protection against serious illness") suggests that it may be Covid that accounts for the increase. However, this is not born out by the actual statistics, the 'everything is covid' mentality has proven never to be born out by the evidence, yet the mantra remains the stock phrase regardless of reality.

In the entire country just 64 people have died with COVID-19 since the start of the year, so even by official metrics this might explain at most a third of the increase of 168 deaths. It is unknown what proportion of the 64 deceased actually died from Covid rather than with Covid but from a different underlying cause (in England and Wales this proportion is 64%).

Iceland Health Officials have no explanation for the steep rise, opting for the stock 'it's probably Covid' phrase on the odd occasion they are even challenged on it. A sudden and steep rise in deaths is not unique to Iceland either. On the contrary, we have seen similar spikes in Gibraltar, Italy, Britain, and Israel whilst other countries, such as Australia, have simply not published their death figures, casting suspicion over the reasons why they've suddenly started withholding the numbers from public view.

What, then, explains deaths jumping by 28%, from an average of 592 over the previous five years, to 760 in 2022? The explanation for these deaths is clearly not COVID-19, that is misdirection, but as the breakdown of deaths by cause is not yet available we are left wondering what could possibly have caused a sharp increase in people of all ages dying.

Mass vaccination was mostly over by autumn 2021, however, in late November, December and January about a third of the population, predominantly people middle-aged and older were scared into having a 'Booster' dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

A two week time-lag between booster rollout and increased deaths can be seen in the data something that showed up with the second vaccine dose in a less severe way. The unprecedented surge in excess mortality in the first quarter of 2022, a third of which at most may be attributed to COVID-19 has been ignored by both officials and the mainstream media.

The rest remains unexplained and the only notable health-related event that occurred around the same time was booster vaccination of a third of the population. The World Health Organisation repeatedly claim that there is 'no established link between deaths and Covid-19 vaccines' but to be clear, they have not looked. There is a world of difference between looking and finding no link, and not looking at all. This isn't even shambolic, this is criminal.

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