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Covid-19: Japan Proves Lockdown Was Never Needed

Japan didn't have a proper lock down because the government there was hoping they could still go ahead with the 2020 Olympics which they have now had to postpone until 2021. There also appears to be no powers within their constitution to give the government the authority to shut down the entire country in such a way.

What the Japanese did do, however, was focus on quarantining the people who appeared to have the coronavirus, which is the accepted method of dealing with an infection; you keep the patients with the infection isolated, you don't isolate all the healthy people as Neil Ferguson cajoled half the world into doing. And since the Japanese didn't follow Ferguson's 'science' you might expect that the death toll from Covid-19 in Japan would be terrifyingly high, but it wasn't. The Japanese death total from Covid-19 to-date is 977. less than a thousand. Yet, the the population of Japan is 126 million, roughly twice the population of the United Kingdom where the UK death total is now alleged to be 44,000 and although we all know what we think of the way the numbers have been added up in the UK, there's no doubt that the care home deaths alone will far exceed the total in Japan.

This blows a massive hole through Ferguson's theory, which was not 'the science' in the first place, despite what the media repeatedly say. For it to be 'the science' it would need to have been accepted practice, and have been done before. But a lockdown of this type has never been done anywhere in the world, ever. So how can it be 'the science'? What IS accepted science is what the Japanese have done, which is to isolate the infected, and not the healthy, which isn't science of any kind. This makes about as much sense as if Yorkshire police had arrested and imprisoned every man woman and child in the entire county when trying to apprehend the Yorkshire Ripper. You could justify the imprisonment of all Yorkshire residents by showing it was 'flattening the curve' of Prostitutes being murdered in the county.

Mass Hysteria and Groupthink took over within days of Ferguson's doomsday-cult predictions. Hysteria propelled us very quickly into a state of perpetual panic, and Groupthink meant that anyone questioning the sanity of what we were doing was viciously attacked and banned from social media.

The Overton Window is not open to us at the moment, but there will come a time when the public realise that this has been a huge con, that will cause far more deaths, poverty and hardship than any flu virus could muster. The public will eventually call for an inquiry, and it'll be around the time the 4 millionth person loses their job. From a proper inquiry we should expect a number of people are charged with fraud. At the very least the public will want to know why was the word of one mathematical modeller, with virtually a 100% failure rate in pandemic predictions, given so much importance.

But that time is not now. Now we just have to put up with the zombies who are still desperate

to obey the rules and conscientiously doing as they're told whilst probably shouting abuse or threats at those who have woken up and can see the truth. They're slavishly obedient, they'll telephone the police if they see someone they think might be breaking the regulations, you probably know someone like that. The type who would have made good concentration camp guards and would be quick to use the Nuremberg defence.

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