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Climate Change Myth To Be Exposed When Sun Enters 'Solar Minimum'

The Sun is entering a period of “solar minimum” a state that it has been in, periodically, for millions of years. When it has previously entered this phase the resulting temperature- plummet has caused global famine and plagues. The average temperature drop may be up to 2C over 20 years according to experts.

Solar activity has entered a deep decline with scientists saying there have already been 100 days this year where the sun has displayed zero sunspots. NASA say this means that the earth could be about to experience a new “Dalton Minimum,” the period between 1790 and 1830 which led to a severe prolonged cold snap and massive volcanic eruptions. This means we could be entering one of the deepest period of sunshine recession in three centuries, which could trigger long periods of cold, famine and other issues.

The Sun has now recorded two consecutive years of record setting spotlessness, being blank 77% of the time in 2019 and 76% of the time so far this year. This indicates a deep 'solar minimum' is coming, which will cause temperatures to drop drastically. We have already seen the coldest April night on record for the UK in Benson in Oxfordshire, and the coldest May for 40 years.

This once again serves as a reminder that the Sun is by far the most influential driver of climate and makes the impact of so-called man-made climate change look tame in comparison. How are institutions of science, academia and media that have fully committed to the notion that anthropogenic global warming will cause environmental devastation going to react when the globe starts rapidly cooling.

The smart money is on Global Warming being a myth, sadly the mainstream media have bought the whole '97%' lie and the word of a child over facts, evidence and good old fashioned common-sense. The myth is so embedded in the public psyche that few question the fact that a record high temperature is always attributed to global warming, whilst a record low temperature is dismissed as 'weather'.

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