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Chris Whitty Gloats Over New Plan to Impose 3 MONTHS of Restrictions in England After New Year

New restrictions not cancelled, just delayed.

Earlier today Boris Johnson met with Chief medical officer Chris Whitty, and Chief scientific officer Patrick Vallance to discuss not if, but when new restrictions would be brought in.

The new restrictions will be brought in following the New Year and are likely to run for 3 months as Vallance and Whitty re-seize power at number 10. The Health Secretary said that ministers "look at the data on a daily basis, but there will be no further measures before the new year". But reports out of Whitehall have confirmed that the decision was made months ago, and Chris Whitty was very pleased with it. All before Omicron was ever mentioned.

Secret documents were leaked in August that set out the plan to force us all back into lockdown, After his 'Roadmap to Freedom' was completed Johnson failed to hand back the emergency powers he promised he would, knowing full well that he would use them again as soon as the opportunity arose.

Omicron is the common cold but SAGE scientists have convinced the world that it is a threat to life. Omicron has, however, been confirmed to be a harmless cold virus by EVERY study done on it all of which is in the public domain. Independent scientists found that it was either mild or non-existent. What is more, we knew this a month ago. But regardless of this, SAGE are doubling-down on the lie. Vallance and Whitty are basing new restrictions entirely on 'cases', a meaningless lab test that doesn't tell you if you're sick merely that they've found 23 pairs of RNA fragments in the correct order out of billions of possible combinations. Omicron is not overwhelming the NHS either, it's the Common Cold after all, and if the NHS are overwhelmed by the common cold then it is not fit for purpose.

Thousands of people might have a cold, according to official data.

Testing was cynically stepped up in the run-up to Christmas to create the illusion that the new variant was spreading more easily. The claim by Government, however, is that this has no effect on results which is clearly a lie, as can be seen by the graphs below.

The more you test, the more you find.

The graph on the left won't be shown in Chris Whitty's slides next week, only the one on the right.

The week before Christmas Omicron patients occupied 0.0001% of Hospital Beds, and even those (15) patients went in for entirely unrelated conditions. Even the first Omicron death turned out to be a lie.

But despite all this restrictions are coming, likely to be issued in the first week of January 2022 and start on Monday 10th. Unless, that is, enough of us stand up and say no.

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