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Omicron Patients are 0.0001% of Hospital Beds: Just 15 Patients in the Entire Country

Despite the government claiming there are currently hundreds of thousands of cases, health authorities have admitted there are just 15 people with Omicron being treated in English hospitals.

The minute number stands in stark contrast to the utter hysteria that is currently sweeping the country, with people putting themselves in lockdown, canceling Christmas plans and queueing for up to 6 hours to get a booster.

According to the Kings fund there are a total of 140,031 Hospital beds in England with PHE admitting that just 15 patients have tested positive for Omicron equating to 0.00010712 of the total. Despite this the entire country has been put into lockdown by stealth, as Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson claim that this one, unlike the previous variants, is the apocalypse.

Dr Susan Hopkins, the UK Health Security Agency’s chief medical adviser, told MP’s, “There are currently 15 people being treated in hospital with Omicron,” reports Sky News. Health authorities also insist that there are currently about 400,000 people infected with Omicron in the UK, with this number climbing rapidly.

Even if you accept that the PCR tests are accurate and can detect a virus (which is not what it's inventor said) that clearly shows, in line with evidence out of South Africa, the variant is extremely mild and won’t cause more hospitalisations or deaths.

South Africa hasn’t even raised its COVID-19 alert level from number 1, its lowest level. The Health Minister of South Africa is saying, that hospitalisations and deaths “remain relatively low.” even after Omicron swept the country.

In another highly dubious development, it is claimed that the only death so far of someone with Omicron in the UK was an unvaccinated “conspiracy theorist.”

According to a 'close relative' appearing on LBC radio, The man claiming to be the stepson of the deceased suggested that he had been taken in by “conspiracy theories”, and refused to take the vaccine despite being in his early 70s: The unknown caller claimed “He thought it was a conspiracy. He was an intelligent man but it’s all these different things you are getting from online and different media things… He wasn’t vaccinated at all.”

This has been taken as true by all of major media outlets, and is now accepted as fact. In truth there is no evidence the caller was genuine, and the government have released no details about the circumstances around the patient's death. His age, health status, vaccine status, reason for being in hospital, and cause of death are all shrouded in mystery. What we have here is an unsubstantiated claim by government confirmed as 'true' by an unknown caller to a radio show, being used as proof for the apocalypse.

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Yet MORE proof; as if any were needed, that all of the restrictions, hysteria, lockdowns and non stop, wall to wall, 24 /7 propaganda are based on a LIE!

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