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China Deploys Army to take Healthy People to 'Quarantine Facilities'

Neil Ferguson Looks on with envious eyes.

China continues to oppress vast numbers of its own population under the Zero Covid policy.

The army has been deployed to Shanghai who immediately began treating those with positive PCR tests as criminals, separating them from their children and taking them to quarantine camps where they face an uncertain future.

The supposed Omicron variant has been used by the Communist government as the excuse continue the assault on its own people. A fresh wave of lockdowns has being imposed with people once again panic buying whilst others are left without urgent treatment like kidney dialysis.

Beijing has deployed another 2,000 military personnel to Shanghai to find those infected. “With 8,581 asymptomatic and 425 symptomatic Covid-19 cases reported on April 3, the outbreak would likely have been deemed a relatively insignificant one, had it happened elsewhere; however, the Chinese government’s so-called ‘dynamic zero’ Covid strategy calls for tough measures even if the caseload is low. The policy’s key principles are testing, tracing and quarantining all positive cases and their close contacts,” reports RT.

Locals have reported that authorities are separating children from their parents in COVID quarantine facilities. “Parents who brought their children in for treatment have seen them taken by authorities and moved to official quarantine facilities, often leaving families in the dark about their children's condition,” reports Zero Hedge. “When both parent and child have tested positive, doctors have used threats to browbeat families into compliance. in some cases, children as young as 3 months old have reportedly been separated from their breast-feeding mothers.”

A citizen told to report to a testing facility will be carted off to a detention centre if they test positive. Images of crying children who had been separated from their parents went viral on Chinese social media networks before being censored.

If western governments had continued on the same course they took towards the beginning of the pandemic, namely locking down healthy people and pursuing a disastrous policy that completely eschewed herd immunity, we’d be in the same situation as China right now.

Let’s not forget that it was former UK government COVID-19 advisor Neil Ferguson who admitted that he thought “we couldn’t get away with” imposing Communist Chinese-style lockdowns in Europe because they were too draconian, and yet it happened anyway.

“It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought,” said Ferguson.

“And then Italy did it. And we realised we could,” he added.

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