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Chilling Warning from Nigel Farage following 'Religious Vote' Victory in Rochdale

Vote rigging, death threats, and sharia law in by-election.

George Galloway’s victory in the Rochdale by-election is a sure sign that “sectarian politics is here to stay”, according to Nigel Farage.

Workers Party of Britain candidate George Galloway wins the Rochdale by-election by almost 6,000 votes
David Tully, an independent, comes second with 6,638 votes. Turnout in the by-election was 39.7%
Galloway addresses the Labour leader in his victory speech by saying: "Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza"

The former Brexit Party leader also anticipates further success for The Workers Party as fury over the Gaza conflict spills onto the streets of Britain.

Farage joined GB News’s Tom Harwood to reflect on the results of the by-election that was mired in controversy. “He made it very clear, in parts of the West Midlands, he is aiming for a Muslim vote that Labour had taken for granted”, he said.

Labour just not 'extreme' enough.

“Over 80 per cent of the Muslim population had been voting for the Labour Party. Many of them signed up cynically for the Labour Party on postal votes. This now means that Galloway can challenge in 20-30 constituencies."

“It also means The Workers Party could put up a very strong candidate to challenge Sadiq Khan to be Mayor of London and that could really challenge his position." “Sectarian politics is here to stay. People thought the result in Bradford West was a one-off. It wasn’t.

“It was a warning shot. This is voting along religious lines. This is real. This is here to stay. They are going to win seats at the next general election. “I suspect not many, but I do think this phenomenon with all of its ugliness, all of its intimidation, all of its wilfully breaking election law is here to stay.”

Galloway opened his victory speech by addressing Palestine, saying Keir Starmer will “pay a high price” for “enabling the catastrophe presently going on in the occupied Palestine in the Gaza Strip”.

He said he would put Rochdale councillors “on notice” that he intended to form a “grand alliance” to “clean the town hall up” at the local elections in May.

Jewish community expresses concern over Galloway's election - BBC News

An organisation representing the Jewish community in Greater Manchester says the election of George Galloway is "a cause of significant concern".

The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region (JRC) says Galloway, "by his own admission... intends to speak about the conflict in Gaza before focusing on the people who have sent him to the Commons".

Its statement continues: "Galloway has a history of divisive rhetoric and associations with people who hold controversial views."At a time of heightened tension, toxic public discourse and instability, further populist speech will create anxiety for Jewish people who are already contending with record levels of hate crime.

"Community cohesion is coming under unprecedented pressure. It is now more important than ever that people concentrate on building bridges by ensuring a conflict taking place thousands of miles away is not used as an excuse to target Jewish people across the region.

"We have no doubt given his extensive record of contentious behaviour, that George Galloway will hinder rather than help with this critically important work."

'Death threats and abuse!' Richard Tice issues candid statement on 'disturbing' Rochdale by-election

Richard Tice has issued a candid statement on the Rochdale by-election as he has told his staff to leave the event over safety threats. The Reform UK leader told GB News that he believes George Galloway has won the Rochdale by-election and continued by adding that the event was not truly “free or fair” due to the behaviour of the candidates.

Tice described the campaign as having been mired by “disturbing scenes” including abuse and death threats.

He continued by saying he had removed his staff from the count for security reasons and that the Rochdale by-election must be a wake-up call for British democracy.

Asked by Tom Harwood on how Reform UK faired in the by-election prior to the results, Tice said: "Well, look, what's quite clear, Tom, is that George Galloway has won this by-election."

Tice said: “Now the polls have closed, people across the UK need to know the truth about this election campaign - and the implications for our democracy.

“To suggest that a parliamentary election in this country has not been truly free and fair is a very serious allegation indeed.

“Unfortunately however, the behaviour of certain candidates and their supporters in this contest fell very far short of this our traditional democratic standards. What we have witnessed and experienced in Rochdale is deeply disturbing.

“In recent weeks, Reform UK’s candidate and campaign team has: been subjected to death threats; suffered vile racist abuse; been refused entry to hustings in a public building; had to be relocated for their own safety; suffered daily intimidation and slurs.

A dark day of British politics, but some saw this coming a long time ago.

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