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CDC Keeps Records of Tweets by Its Critics, Secret Documents Reveal

Building a database of 'enemies'.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been tracking and cataloging all vaccine-related social media posts of any elected officials according to secret internal documents.

The documents were obtained through a freedom of information request and investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson posted them online. The documents show that the CDC stored the vaccine-related posts in a database and classified them based on political affiliation. The database contains the information on the post, the date it was published, a link to the post, and entries about what was discussed.

The shocking revelation has once again shown the CDC to be a sinister organisation who regularly operate outside their remit of health advice. It is not clear why the CDC would need such data, but with the data only collected on those who have tweeted negatively; on vaccine safety or questioning the CDC narrative, it appears an awful lot like an enemies list.

Some commentators believe the CDC are making a 'hit' list, and will attack those on it who have challenged their pandemic narrative, possibly by a campaign of disinformation designed to discredit the official thus 'neutralizing' the threat.

News of the CDC tracking what is being said on social media comes barely two weeks after Dr Anthony Fauci announced that he 'should be above the law' and not have to answer to federal court judges.

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