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CDC Tapped Phones of Millions of Americans to see if they were Complying with Lockdowns

A Government agency, whose role was to give health advice, spied on millions of Americans to see if their scare tactics were working during lockdowns, and if the serfs were complying with the laws they'd created. All this was carried out in secret without anyone's knowledge or consent.

Where's the outrage?

A report by Vice News details how the CDC purchased tracking data for millions of Americans’ mobile phones with the specific intention of monitoring their movements to see if they were complying with lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions during the COVID 'pandemic.'

The report states that the CDC paid nearly half a million dollars to a company to gain access to people's mobile phone data. The company, SafeGraph, then linked up with app developers to secretly harvest location data from everyone's phone, in real time.

Every single American adult with a smartphone in these areas was secretly tracked by the health agency without their knowledge. When people downloaded the apps to their phones, they were asked to 'accept terms and conditions' and there, berried in the smallprint, was a clause that said they'd be sharing location data. However, it was never made clear who would see that data, or what they would use it for. It is highly unlikely that, were the user to know that a government department was secretly using the data to bolster their political plans, that permission would have ever been granted.

The company, which is linked to a former head of Saudi intelligence, has since been banned from the Google Play Store for violating its T&Cs on data collection, but it doesn't matter, the damage has been done.

The documents obtained by Vice state that the procurement request for the data by the CDC was labelled as an “URGENT COVID-19” request and should be given priority.

The documents outline several “potential CDC use cases for data,” specifically listing “the effect of large-scale anti-contagion policies on the COVID-19 pandemic,” “Examination of COVID-19 vaccination rates, mobility, … at the county or sub-county level (this could also be applies to flu and mask use),” and “examination of the correlation of mobility patterns data and rise in COVID-19 cases”.

A CDC document obtained by Vice admits that the data “has been critical for ongoing response efforts, such as hourly monitoring of activity in curfew zones or detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring.”

Another section notes that “CDC has interest in continued access to this mobility data as the country opens back up. This data is used by several teams/groups in the response and have been resulting in deeper insights into the pandemic as it pertains to human behavior.”

It is believed that at least 20 million active cellphone users per day in the US had data harvested by the process.

SafeGraph has also been accused of selling location data of visitors to abortion clinics, which the company this week announced it will halt.

The CDC weren't the only ones who were secretly monitoring their own people. The UK Government monitoring the movement of every British citizen with a smartphone, regardless of whether they'd downloaded an NHS app or not. The London Telegraph reported in late 2020 that spies from Britain’s most secretive intelligence and security organisation, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had embedded a ‘cell’ within Number 10 Downing Street itself in order to provide Prime Minister Boris Johnson with real time information pertaining to the public’s movements.

Despite both the US AND UK Governments being guilty of mass-surveillance of their own people in 2013, thanks to the Edward Snowden revelations, nothing has changed. Both governments have continued to snoop on their own people, without consent, or a court order, or for any justifiable reason whatsoever. They were actively monitoring everything you did, where you went, and who you met, all supposedly for the good of your health.

The Daily Mail also reported on the development, noting that GCHQ, normally tasked with spying on terrorists and foreign powers, was turned on the British public to gauge whether people were following the COVID ‘rules’ or not. The report noted that as well as tracking the movement of people, the spies were even collecting information on your search history: “internet searches for holidays and jobs.” were known to have been recorded, and everything else besides.

The spy agency was also being employed to combat ‘anti-vaccination conspiracy theories’ being spread on social media, in relation to the pandemic. The security services deployed a group called Brigade 77, a British Army Intelligence Unit set up in 2020 to 'counter misinformation online relating to Coronavirus' . Again, Nobody appeared to question why an army intelligence unit was dealing with a health issue, you can guarantee that this is one question that won't come up in the Covid Enquiry.

Speaking anonymously to the London Times, a source noted that “GCHQ has been told to take out antivaxers online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.”

In addition, In January 2021, British Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt called for the government to use GPS tracking technology to ensure Brits were complying with COVID quarantine measures. Hunt was out of the 'inner circle', if he had still been in the cabal he'd have known that they already were using the technology, and on a massive scale.

One step closer to that Mass Surveillance Society that we have all been warned about.

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