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'Britain Won’t Return to Normal This Year' Says Chris Whitty

Chris Whitty has dropped more hints that restrictions and lockdowns are coming next winter .

The Chief Medical Officer has again claimed that some curbs may have to be rolled back later this year when the NHS faces a “difficult winter”. He admitted that he would be “surprised” if British life managed to return to pre-Covid normality before then, adding it was “going to take quite a long time to get back to normality”.

Whitty and his co-conspirators at SAGE are continuing to claim deaths will rise in the weeks and months after July 19th, when all social distancing measures are due to be lifted in England. "Deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test" anyone?

The Gaslighting is also continuing as increasingly seasonal flu is put on the same footing as Covid-19. We are being conditioned to accept that destruction of an economy and imprisonment of an entire population is the normal response to seasonal flu.

Speaking to the Local Government Association’s annual conference, Whitty said: “There will almost certainly be a Covid surge [in winter] and that will be on top of a return to a more normal respiratory surge."

“It’s going to take quite a long time, I think, to get back to normality and I certainly would be surprised if we got back to what most of us would see as a kind of status quo – before the pandemic – by the next spring."

This is, of course, utter bollocks. Whitty knows exactly what is going to happen next winter, the for the next five. A plan has already been drafted up and includes masks, social distancing and even more lockdowns, to combat what SAGE claim will be future waves of infection and overwhelming the NHS. Measures could include working from home temporarily or a limit on indoor gatherings, according to the Daily Mirror. The plan, also includes more jabs as the technocrats push the idea that each variant must have its own vaccine.

But freedom on July 19th is just temporary, an illusion if you like, because the Coronavirus Act is not going to be repealed on that day, or ever, so you are on temporary release from prison, and due to be recalled the moment Whitty says so.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
07 de jul. de 2021

That fellow Whitty knows damn well that those who've received the 'vaccines' (??) will become very ill as cytokine storms take over their immune systems. Many will die as a result of the 'vaccine', NOT from seasonal 'flu.

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