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Britain is witnessing a silent, globalist Coup, right before our very eyes.

Liz Truss was the fall guy, giving the illusion of democracy. But that was only to show how bad that democracy was compared to a globalist government.

Jeremy Hunt was brought in to 'steady the ship'. Said to be "a safe pair of hands" Hunt was installed by the globalists, seizing control of the government and forcing out Liz Truss who appeared to not even realise that she was just a pawn in a much bigger game.

Within 48 hours of Liz Truss departing, we have the looming spectre of Rishi Sunak as PM again. Sunak lost the conservative vote, and has never stood for PM in a general election, nor will he, he doesn't have to, he will be installed by the elite who have secretly seized control of the British Government.

Sunak is a member of the World Economic Forum, heavily involved in the 'Great Reset'. His father-in-law owns the company providing the WEF's social credit score software, whilst Sunak himself is pushing the G7s 'programmable money' project that will give governments total control over every aspect of a person's life.

Hunt is likely to stay as Chancellor, another globalist who believes that individuals shouldn't have any say over how their life is run, rather, unelected technocrats like him should do it. He's an ardent remainer who will likely take Britain back into the European Union before the next election, under the false pretence of averting some financial crisis that he and his globalist friends will have orchestrated in the first place. His wife is a prominent member of the Chinese Communist party, and Hunt is a rabid supporter of their methods of 'controlling' Covid, including the forced separation and isolation of any child suspected of having the virus.

Britain is the latest country to fall to the Globalists, just like the US fell to them in 2020 when they stole the election from Donald Trump.

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