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Chinese Communist Party Official Now Installed in No.11 Downing Street

Jeremy Hunt’s wife is a prominent member of China's state-run broadcaster.

The wife of chancellor Jeremy Hunt presents a TV show for China’s state-run media that broadcasts Communist Party Propaganda and has been accused of whitewashing the country's human rights abuses as recently as last year.

Lucia Guo, appears on China Hour, a series broadcast on Sky TV broadcasts state-sanctioned Chinese 'news' to a UK audience. It is made by the state-owned China International TV Corporation and British-based Dove Media, in partnership with the Communist regime’s tourist office in London.

The programme has featured reports on the 'effectiveness' of China’s 'pandemic response' and about the beauty of the Xinjiang region without mentioning it is the site of ‘re-education’ camps for its persecuted Muslim Uighur population.

Lucia Guo is now installed in No.11 Downing Street along with her husband Jeremy Hunt, who seized control of the Government via a silent coup last week. Hunt, who twice stood for election and failed, has been installed to the top job anyway, proving that democracy is dead and that globalists are in control of the UK Government.

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