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Black Lives Matter Hatred For Britain Manifests in New ‘Political Party’

Sasha Johnson, the unhinged leader of the Oxford branch of Black Lives Matter, announced on Sunday the formation of what she termed “the first black-led political party in the UK”. Johnson made the claim at her so-called 'Million Man March' in London, which saw approximately four hundred attend.

Ms Johnson unveiled her new political party, the 'Taking The Initiative Party' (TTIP) during the protest which was allowed to go ahead by police despite the breaking of several laws. This is the latest in an increasingly long line of narcissistic stunts by the student who appears to believe she is the leader of the 1970s American group the Black Panthers, whilst actually being a less than exceptional student at a state run University (Brookes) in Southern England.

Johnson and her equally deluded ‘comrades’ are fighting for rights they already have, against a foe that doesn’t exist, an obvious recipe for losing one's deposit.

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