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BLACK HISTORY MONTH Isn’t About Black History, It’s About Hating White People

None of the output, either by the broadcast or print media talk about black history. At the end of each year's black history month we are none the wiser about how African nations were formed, what they believe in, their cultures, societies, or, most importantly; what contributions black people have made to the advancement of the human race. There is only ever one topic covered in Black History Month: The Evil white-man, then and now.

The ingenuity, it would be fair to say, is incredibly high judging by how many ways they’ve managed to say: “all white people are racists”. You only have to look down the schedule of the BBC or Channel 4 to see just how many ways they’ve managed to find. And you’d have to be a complete idiot not to get the message. Yes, the white man is evil. You, yes YOU; are evil. Because people with the same skin colour as you did something terrible to some other people with a black skin colour 300 years ago. And Don’t think you’re somehow not a racist, because you’re white and so will have unconscious racist thoughts you don’t even know you have. You really are that racist. You racist!

Hundreds of hours of television, radio and digital output are dedicated to repeating just how very, very racist you are. Even if you get the message, like those sad white people taking a knee at the BLM protests back in the summer, it won’t stop the message. It’ll be back next year, just in case you may have forgotten just how damn racist you really are. We can look forward to a ‘refresher course’ again in twelve months time.

Not only is the message ‘all white people are racist’, but that all racism is equal in its intensity. Use of an outmoded word or phrase like “half-caste” is equal to flogging someone to death for not working hard enough in the cotton fields of America, especially in the minds of vapid celebs on Twitter. The truth is that none of these professional victims have any real knowledge of Black history over and above the mantras repeated by the race-baiters on social media, and have probably never read a history book in their entire life. But knowing nothing about history in a month supposedly dedicated to it is irrelevant. D-list celebrities on Instagram claiming that a fan referring to them as ‘half-caste’ is the ‘worst thing you could possibly do’ just underlines the lack of any balance or perspective that is afforded to the subject.

If you believed the celebs, the Guardianistas and the ever-Woke BBC, you would be forgiven for thinking that Britain is one of the most racist countries on the planet. You’d be equally forgiven for believing that the Police are routinely picking on, beating up and murdering black men. You’d think that every institution is ‘systemically’ racist, with white people secretly keeping the black man down in some huge conspiracy.

Of course, none of this has any basis in reality. Britain is one of the most tolerant and cosmopolitan countries on earth, with tens of thousands moving to this country for that very reason every year. Note the boatloads of illegal immigrants are trying to get in to Britain, not escape from it. The Police, routinely lambasted by Labour MPs, Celebs and activists alike are not murdering black people every day, or at all. There have been 3 people who have tragically died whilst in police custody in recent years, all whilst trying to be restrained. In contrast 12 white people have died in the same manner in the same period, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good hate campaign. Likewise, there are no rules, laws, procedures, or protocols in any organisation anywhere in the UK that disadvantages or discriminates against Black or Asian people. So what the race-baiters are left with is ‘unconscious bias’ which has never been proved in any scientific study ever.

But the main argument for Black History Month is the demented idea that the Atlantic Slave Trade, which ended some 200 years ago, should be atoned for by an entire people alive today, the utter myth being that white people benefited from the slave trade. The myth was dispelled by a study that concluded less than 1% of white people benefited from the Slave Trade, at the time, whilst in reality the majority of British people paid a huge cost, both in lives and taxation, in ending the Atlantic slave trade. Britain were the ones who banned the international slave trade in 1833 and the British Royal Navy forcibly put the Atlantic slavers out of business. Britain spent 40% of its entire economic wealth in eradicating it. Facts conveniently left out of the Black History Month diatribe.

Pseudo-intellectual David Olusoga, who must be black due to his dreadlock hair, is the face of the BBC's Black History Month programmes which are obfuscated ways of repeating how all white people are racist and how black people have always lived here not just arriving on the Windrush. This is all kinds of wrong, Olusoga, whether he realises it or not, is cherry-picking to support his toxic theories.

His technique is the employment of very shallow, one-dimensional and, lets not forget, hate-filled, arguments. Watch any of his programmes and you'll see the normal pseudo-intellectual arguments such as: Whataboutery; Straw Man; suppressed evidence; confusion of correlation and causation; false dichotomies; statistics of small numbers; special pleading - the list goes on. All delivered in that smug and patronising way that does nothing to disguise the fact that David is a rabid marxist with a massive chip on his shoulder.

Director Steven McQueen, took the opportunity to release his project 'Small Axe' about the evil white man during Black History Month and also took the opportunity to claim that the Coronavirus has 'exposed inequalities' in a nonsensical interview with the BBC whilst the interviewer nodded knowingly, despite the claim being complete piffle. The Coronavirus is either racist itself, or McQueen is implying that Britain's response to it somehow is.

Perhaps he'd like to make a documentary about conspiracy theories for his next project, starting with his own.

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