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Belarus Had No Lockdowns Yet Report Same Mortality Rate as Countries Who Did

The outcome is basically the same as similar countries where restrictions are imposed.

The country of Belarus, which imposed no legal lockdown at all throughout the entire pandemic, has released COVID mortality figures which are broadly in line with every other country, including those nearby which imposed the most draconian lockdowns.

The global media vilified the Belarus Government after it refused to put its citizens under lockdown, with one headline declaring, “One leader looks hell-bent on turning COVID-19 into a catastrophe for his country.” Now that results are in, the same media is working hard with Pseudo scientists to explain away the evidence, whilst their colleagues attempt to bury anything that might leak out. They really don't want you to see this do they?

Newly released overall death statistics from the start of the pandemic up to March 2021 show that the death rate is similar to neighbouring countries such as Latvia, Russia and Ukraine which imposed full lockdowns. When compared to Poland, which imposed one of the harshest lockdowns in the world, Belarus’ mortality rate in March 2021 was significantly lower.

Belarus is similar to Sweden, which has suffered fewer than 15,000 COVID deaths despite refusing to impose a lockdown. Figures show that cases and deaths tend to fall in waves whether a lockdown is imposed or not, proving that lockdowns are totally pointless.

Supposed 'experts' who all push the same pandemic narrative of Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines have all conveniently, ignored the findings, knowing full well that this is yet another piece of evidence that debunks their lies. Worse still for the Pandemic peddlers this is by no means an anomaly, there are other countries, plus several US States who did not follow the Communist created Lockdown strategy: Places like South Dakota, Florida, Sweden, Tanzania, and now Belarus, did not fall for the hysteria and all had basically the same outcome as places where restrictions were imposed.

It simply isn’t the case that a whole country becomes infected if the virus is given free reign. The scientists who created the pandemic lie in 2019 had to invent a new characteristic for it to work; asymptomatic cases, and to prove it, PCR tests were bastardised to such an extent as to have been just as likely to have found Lord Lucan and Shergar in the blood of healthy people.

Belarus, like other no-restriction jurisdictions, shows, even without lockdowns and vaccines the epidemic is self-limiting and comes to an end at around the same point having infected a similar number of people. A respiratory virus, with each successive cycle, becomes less deadly, not more, another lie peddled by SAGE that is easily debunked.

The scientific establishment have gaslighted us all, peddling the lie that Lockdowns were just the normal response to a virus, and the only thing that could save us, and the mainstream media have gone along with that lie, repeatedly, cynically, and viciously despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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