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BBC Reveal Real Reason They're Going After Russell Brand

The attack on Russell Brand was inevitable. Brand has over six million followers on Youtube with many more on Rumble, his videos regularly get over a million views and that's the type of coverage the legacy media can only dream of.

Whilst he may have thought that his videos were just an extension of his stage show witty commentary on current affairs his choice of topics meant that he was making some very powerful enemies indeed.

Big government and big pharma spent years and billions of dollars creating the Covid crisis, spending millions more controlling the narrative with a mixture of propaganda and censorship so were hardly likely to let one clued-up dandy ruin all that hard work.

If enough mud is thrown at Brand some of it will stick. Brand is about to become enemy number one of the mainstream media, many of whom will be working in lockstep with Channel 4 as can already be seen with the BBC today. Channel 4 receive millions from Big Pharma in the form of advertising revenue every year whilst the BBC act as the ministry of Truth for Government propaganda these days.

Today's Woman's Hour claimed to have the victim featured in the Despatches 'documentary' known as 'Alice'. In the programme 'Alice' is played by an actress, and yet the very same voice appeared on the BBC with no mention of her being an actress. Alice, who alleges Brand raped her at 16, appeared to be untraumatised by her ordeal, even more strangely Alice appeared more concerned with the content of Brand's youtube videos, calling them 'conspiracy theories' for a type of audience that 'laps it up'.

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