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AstraZeneca Abandons Seeking Approval for its 'Clot-Shot' from US Regulator

How bad must it be if the FDA, who are 80% funded by the Pharmaceuticals Industry, won't even give it approval?

AstraZeneca announced that it is no longer trying to get its Covid vaccine into the US after regulators refused to sign off on the shot. The British pharmaceutical company that worked in conjunction with Oxford University on the vaccine obtained approval from UK regulators very early on with the MHRA performing no independent tests on the product whatsoever, merely 'reviewing' the data that AZ gave them.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to give it the green light over incomplete data and fears over the jab's links to blood clots, something that the company and Oxford University have repeatedly denied, or ignored, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

AstraZeneca said its application for Emergency Use Authorization in the US would be dropped after it became 'overcomplicated', which appears to be technical jargon for 'killing patients'.

CEO Pascal Soriot said: 'As the primary vaccination needs of the US are being met already, AstraZeneca has decided that it will not submit a biologics licence application for Vaxzevria in the US. "The company will continue to focus its efforts on ensuring availability of Vaxzevria elsewhere around the world, including submissions for its use as a booster."

AstraZeneca had expected to obtain approval from the FDA in 2020, but there were already concerns over the trials before a single jab had been delivered. The trials were said to be insufficient with AZ selecting only fit and healthy people to take part, and then failing to properly monitor them for adverse events post injection.

Within days of the vaccine's rolled out across Europe an alarming amount of adverse events began being reported, with hundreds of people dying or being permanently disabled by rapidly forming blood clots. Several countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden, stopped using AstraZeneca immediately and banned its use any further, whilst others such as France and Germany restricted its use.

AstraZeneca and Oxford University both continued to deny that their product was the cause of the deaths. Whilst 'Fact Checkers' such as 'Full Fact' claimed that this was little more than a conspiracy theory and that instances of blood clot deaths were 'extremely rare'.

America secured up to 300million doses of the jab early in the pandemic, pending approval from the FDA. Most ended up being shipped to third-world countries, however, after the US refused to give them the green light for it. The jab has been widely used in developing countries with three billion doses sold worldwide so far. It is unclear how many that will have killed, but as AZ only sells its Covid jab in countries that indemnify its risk it have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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