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AstraZeneca's CV 'Trojan Horse' Increases Risk of Serious Neurological Condition Say Scientists

Those that have been repeatedly called 'conspiracy theorists' and 'granny killers' have again been vindicated.

The AstraZeneca vaccine may increase the risk of a serious neurological condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) with the jab’s Trojan horse delivery system believed to be to blame authors of a new study suggest.

GBS was previously a rare condition which causes muscle numbness and pain, and can hinder movement, walking, swallowing and, sometimes, even breathing. Now it is being linked to the AZ vaccines delivery system, adding to the growing list of serious adverse events that the mRNA jab has produced.

Scientists at University College London (UCL) have found a rise in cases of GBS in the first two to four weeks after the AstraZeneca vaccine, but not in other vaccines, such as Pfizer or Moderna, which have their own huge list of adverse events, serious injuries and fatalities.

Like many vaccines, the Oxford jab uses a weakened chimp adenovirus to deliver the coronavirus spike protein into the body, and scientists suspect that a reaction to adenovirus may be responsible for the rise in cases of GBS. Adenovirus usually causes the common cold, but some scientists (i.e. those that aren't in the pay of big pharma) are suggesting that it may also mimic human cells in a similar way to Campylobacter, confusing the immune system into attacking the body.

The announcement has angered many who have been trying to raise the alarm that the jabs are dangerous and the cause of thousands of deaths and life-changing injuries. Those that have been repeatedly called 'conspiracy theorists' and 'granny killers' have again been vindicated. Study after study have confirmed that they were right. Many independent scientists (those not sponsored by pharmaceuticals companies) have suggested that there is more than enough evidence for the entire vaccine programme to be stopped.

Pharmaceutical giants were well aware that their products could cause death and serious injury and acquired indemnity from the UK government so that they couldn't be sued by anyone for maining or killing a patient. That indemnity gave drug companies a 'get out of jail for free' card. A vital part of the safety mechanism (the risk of being sued for injuring or killing a patient) was gone, allowing other considerations to be the main driving force behind the development. AZ have repeatedly, and systematically denied that their jab causes any harm whatsoever, even though it has been identified as the cause of thousands of deaths and serious injuries across Europe by eight countries who promptly restricted or banned its use as a result.

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