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Asking a Woman Out is a Form of “Sexual Harassment” Says YouGov

Like we couldn't see that one coming.

Following the calls for a Male Curfew after 6pm by the Green Party's Jenny Jones, the hijacking of a vigil for Sarah Everard by left-wing extremists, and dubious laws currently being rushed through parliament, polling firm YouGov have released a survey that characterises asking a woman out for a drink as a form of “sexual harassment.”

Left wing activists are now pushing for “misogyny” to be made a hate crime, but cunningly categorise completely benign language as misogyny, meaning that they can call any man a criminal, and will. White, heterosexual males are the last group of people it is acceptable to attack. They are, if you believe the activists, responsible for all of the evil in the world, and for their sins of whiteness and masculinity they must be punished, oppressed and locked up.

Just as we feared, lines are not just being blurred but obliterated, and on purpose. male behaviour towards women is being treated on a par with actual predatory criminal activity. Cat-calling on a par with rape and murder. We can all see where this is going.

A YouGov survey asked respondents, “Which potential forms of sexual harassment do European women most commonly experience?” With One of these forms of “sexual harassment” being “Asked you out for a drink.” This is placed on a par with men flashing their genitals and physically assaulting women.

yes, we can all see where this is going.

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