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Leftists Prove They Have NO SHAME Using Murder of Sarah Everard to Push Marxist Agenda

Churchill's Statue attacked; demands to 'Defund the Police'; vilification of an entire gender - this was not a Vigil, it was a Marxist riot.

Yesterday's 'vigil' on Clapham Common was almost a carbon-copy of the George Floyd riots last year. Radical Marxists taking the death of someone, possibly at the hands of a male police officer, as an excuse to attack all white males.

'Defund the Police' signs were in the crowds that gathered both in Parliament Square and on Clapham Common, with chants of "arrest your own" and "Defund the Police" heard loudly at both events. Winston Churchill's statue, who died some 3 decades before Sarah Everard was even born, was again attacked, though none of this reached the mainstream media, who preferred to paint the rioters as 'victims' readily playing along with the idea of associating Marxist propaganda and misandry with the death of Sarah Everard.

London Feminist Network, who organise the annual 'reclaim the streets' march were reported to have been the organisers of the vigil. LFN are a radical marxist organisation whose website talks endlessly about smashing the 'patriarchy' and their 'coalition of resistance' with other Marxist organisations. Some observant commentators noticed that the 'violent arrests' that made the front page of many newspapers appeared staged, but this wouldn't be the first photo-opportunity LFN have seized, the entire 'reclaim the streets' march is about putting their radical agenda on TV and social media.

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