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WEF Push to Make 'ECOCIDE' a Crime and Guess Who'll have to be Punished for it?

Carbon counting is so 2023,  now you have to pay for the crime of ecocide, a crime you commit just by existing.

Ecocide is the latest fake 'crisis' from the WEF.  Ecocide is the crime of 'planet murder' and the WEF are accusing us all of committing it. Now 'experts' have discovered this crime, you, along with every other human in the western world, must be punished for it. 

Ecocide is the idea that humans are killing the planet by such crimes as owning things, growing food, driving cars, and breathing.  

The WEF are pushing to make Ecocide an international crime, and are likely to get it passed any time now by courts in the UN. Once official, expect to be slapped with an individual 'ecocide' score, along with the banning of meat, cars, planes, and probably straight-sex.

And don't think that this is the mere ramblings of some lefty-academic, a fourth of the five EU parliamentary committees that are revising the EU's 'Environmental Crime Directive' voted to support including the crime of Ecocide.

Ecocide is already officially a crime in 10 countries, including France, Ecuador and, ironically, both Russia and Ukraine, and Mehta says it is being actively discussed in another 27 countries. Effectively the law give legal personhood to animals and trees. Ecocide then, goes much further than merely focusing on Co2, much further. This encapsulates Carbon and Pollution of course, but any altering of the land, air or sea can (and will) be categorized as an eco-crime.

“What we are seeing globally is this huge frustration at the lack of action (to curb the destruction of the environment),” Mehta says. Tighter regulations may only hurt companies in their pockets, she says, “(but) once you introduce a criminal element, you start seeing changes in behaviour”.

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Who the fuck is MEHTA?

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