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90,000 Unvaccinated Truckers Arriving in Ottawa Had No Effect on Cases or Deaths

If unvaccinated truckers were a real threat to fellow Canadians then 90,000 of them arriving in Ottawa on January 29th should have seen cases shoot up in the days following. Official data shows that the truckers made no difference to case rates whatsoever.

Canada fell to fascism before our very eyes last week. In the last seven days Justin Trudeau has Suspended parliament; imposed martial law by using the Emergency Powers Act; frozen the bank accounts of Convoy Trucker's, arrested its organisers under trumped-up charges, and sanctioned 'brown shirt' style police brutality to "Smash the protests".

The world seems to have forgotten that all of this was supposed to be about a killer virus. A virus so transmissible, so potentially deadly, that all Truckers must be triple vaccinated to stop the spread. They, argued Trudeau, were not only selfish for not getting the vaccine but were putting fellow Canadians lives at risk with their selfish behaviour.

90,000 of them descending on Ottawa bringing with them the deadly plague, should have shown a massive rise in its cases and deaths. But not a bit of it. The arrival of all those plague-carrying truckers have not altered the Covid figures one-iota. Cases were falling before their arrival and they have continued to fall at the exact same rate.

On the day of the Convoy's arrival cases and deaths both dramatically started to fall, though if you believed the narrative, such a 'selfish act' by plague-carriers should have seen a huge spike in the figures.

Protestor Ollie Trembley noted "this doesn't surprise me at all, this was never really about a virus, Trudeau hasn't mentioned it once since we arrived, he's completely forgotten that all this was supposed to be about a pandemic."

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You're correct when you say " Canada fell to fascism before our very eyes last week. ",

However, when you claim that 90K unvaccinated truckers arrived in Ottawa you're very wrong. Although there were many thousands of truckers, 90K is a bit of an exaggeration. Also, most, close to 90% of truckers were already jabbed. Their protest wasn't about getting jabbed, as it seems that Canadians on the whole were very compliant when it came to getting jabbed. The main point of protest was the various jab mandates and being quarantined when returning from the USA after being told that wouldn't happen, and then Biden following suit 7 days after Turdeau changed his mind. While you obviously know about hi…

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